The Background


So, why “Memoirs of an Angel“?

  • Memoirs – An account of the author’s personal experiences | Basically, my experiences  🙂
  • Angel – I descended from an Angel (just kidding 🙂 |Jasmin would sound weird, so I opted for my second name, Angeli (then reduced it to Angel)


After more than a year, I somehow changed my blog design. Actually, it’s still the same 🙂 (you can see my previous design here). I retained the background image mainly because of the following reasons:

  •  I love blue (shades of blue, well-represented)
  • The light house (hmmm… sort of a historical structure for me)
  • The Sea waves (I love the beach)
  • The Fluffy clouds (it’s so fluffy i could die!!!)

So, thanks for the designer of this wallpaper. I found the wallpaper here. 🙂