Sabrina: I Love Acoustic Too

Sabrina: I Love Acoustic Too

I first heard her second album at the DevCon in SM City Davao. Her rendition of the songs had captivated my ears.. 😀 Anyways, I was not able to recognized Sabrina’s voice upon listening to the songs (I was having a hard time figuring it out ^^,)  Luckily, a friend of mine was one of the staff during the devCon, so I was able to get hold of the cd. (I copied the cd, but don’t worry, i just saved it for my own.. ^^,)

Here’s the track for Sabrina’s second album:

Track 1         I’m Yours
Track 2         I Knew I Loved You
Track 3         Your Body Is A Wonderland
Track 4         Bad Day
Track 5         Poker Face
Track 6         Bleeding Love
Track 7         Apologize
Track 8         Because Of You
Track 9         Take A Bow
Track 10       Stickwitu
Track 11       Insomnia
Track 12       Ms. Bright Side
Track 13       Everything You Want
Track 14       Crashing Cars
Track 15       How To Save A Life
Track 16       Iris
Track 17       Wherever You Will Go
Track 18       Ordinary People

Credits to honeybytes

Missing You – Acoustic Love Affair 2

Acoustic Love Affair 2

Track 1         Foolish Heart
Track 2         Cherish
Track 3         Anyone Can See
Track 4         You Got It All
Track 5         After All
Track 6         Lost In Love
Track 7         Somebody
Track 8         On The Wings Of Love
Track 9         Open Arms
Track 10      Can’t Fight This Feeling
Track 11       Missing You
Track 12       Almost Over You
Track 13       Always
Track 14       Too Young
Track 15       Piano In The Dark
Track 16       Rhythm Of The Night

Credits to: honeybytes