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Intindihan at Antayan

Parang naiintindihan ko na. O ito lang ang gusto kong isipin. Ayaw mo kong masaktan. Ayaw mong makita akong malungkot. Pero ayaw mo rin sa β€˜kin. O sige, correction... hindi mo kayang maging kung anong gusto kong maging ka sa buhay ko. Quote na lang kaya kita? Sorry, hindi ko kayang maging ganoon sa’ yo.… Continue reading Intindihan at Antayan

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New Destination

I've been on a lot of thinking as to where am i gonna work after graduation. I have my options: My teachers offered me to work as a full time faculty to the school where I graduated, and then a friend of my aunt also offered me an office work somewhere (i still don't know… Continue reading New Destination

thoughts to ponder

Autopsy on a Spoiled Girlfriend

No cracks, no fractures, no missing bones whatsoever. Taxi cabs were her favorite way to go around the city. The boyfriend would open the car door for her and assist her while getting off the vehicle. She would take his offered hand like a princess getting off a lovely carriage. She would tell his boyfriend,… Continue reading Autopsy on a Spoiled Girlfriend