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Valentine’s Day 2013

Only a few left.. πŸ™‚ Here goes my first post for 2013! πŸ˜€ I've been very busy with a lot of stuffs and I never had the chance to blog until now.. but I guess this would just be a short one. πŸ˜€ This year's Valentine's chocolate-giving-day-of-mine is kinda personalized. This time, I gave home-made… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2013

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Valentine’s Day 2012

Celebrated the last minute of Valentine's Day making this 9gagish photo... But wait.. Seriously, I did gave chocolates to my students, friends, and friends of friends at school. It has been my tradition to give chocolates on a Valentine's Day (following Japan's practice about chocolate-giving). Aargh.. watching too much anime really had hit me hard… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2012

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Chocolates for Christmas!

Pocky and Chocolates! Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. Big thanks to my sponsors! πŸ˜€ I haven't eaten any of these yet though.. Wanna have some..? πŸ˜€ Related articles Today is: Pocky Day? Peppero Day? I am not so sure ... !?! [Dhananjay Parkhe 'Jay'] ( The Best Daddy Ever! ( Harpoon Chocolate Stout (


Coffee Shop Ambiance at Home

I've been hooked up with this music selection for the past days. I was given a copy of this album by my ever dearest professor . Β It provides a relaxing ambiance whether I'm in the office or at home. All that's left is to brew some coffee and some slice of sweets and tada! A… Continue reading Coffee Shop Ambiance at Home

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Life – Yui

LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS:Β I really love Yui's songs. This is from one of the ending theme of Bleach. (I love Bleach too ^^,) Doro darake yo najime nai tokai de Onaji you ni warae nai utsumuite aruita no Isogi ashi de surechigau hito-tachi "Yume wa kanai mashita ka?" ATASHI mada MOGAite iru Kodomo… Continue reading Life – Yui

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Maxima Aqua Fun

While other people's busy going to the memorial Β or celebrating the halloween, I had the other way around.. First: Sleepover at Karen's place. A bonding session with one of my closest friends in college. Before we arrived at her place, we got ourselves into action. She forgot her purse inside the jeep. Luckily. we remembered… Continue reading Maxima Aqua Fun