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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Β Due to the recent marriage of Jun Ji-Hyun (Gianna Jun) a.k.a Sassy Girl, Β I was able to find out this 2011 movie of hers. This movie was based on a "best selling novel" by Lisa Lee. I've been wanting to read this book too.. 😦 I just hope I could find it in the bookstores..… Continue reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

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Wings & Dips

After a quick fix-up-some-things at school, me and rhea went to the mall to fill our empty stomachs. It was a Tuesday afternoon then but a lot of people were inside the mall Β buying stuffs (akala ko ba crisis ngayon..?). Anyways, we went looking for a not-so-crowded place to eat and luckily we found one… Continue reading Wings & Dips