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Tsubasa Shunraiki


Its time for her dream to be forced into reality…

After the bloody tournament of Infinity and macabre ice world of Celes, Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai and Mokona land in Kurogane’s home world – Nihon.

In the aftermath of bloody ending of Celes, every member of the group has to face their own problems.

Kurogane struggles to adapt to the unusual situation he now is in as well as trying to cope with the fact that he has returned home.
Fai finally begins to show his real personality, as he leaves the past behind and makes a selfless sacriffice.
Syaoran is still unable to cope with the result of all what happened in Infinity, for he truly understands the reason behind the actions Sakura took.

The calm and beautiful country is soon shaken by the arrival of certain person from Syaoran’s past, while even bigger shadow slowly looms forward, as the vision Sakura foresaw comes into fruition, unknown by all.

Tsubasa Chronicles: Tokyo Revelations OVA


Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations is a three-part OVA which is scheduled to be released in 2007 and 2008. The official website for the OVAs went up on 13 June 2007. The OVAs will be animated by Production I.G, which is the studio that also animated the Tsubasa movie. Each 25-minute part will be included with each manga volume starting from November 16, 2007. TOKYO REVELATIONS will cover events from the Tokyo arc of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga. As thus, the events of the anime after Rekord country will be disregarded in the OVA.

The OVA Release Schedule is as follows:

1 ——– “The Magician’s Message” —> November 16, 2007

This OVA covers the beginning of the Tokyo arc. The group, with Fay’s help, having just escaped the Rekord country, enters into “Tokyo”. Kamui is introduced along with the escape of the other Syaoran.

2 ——– “The Boy’s Right Eye” —> January 17, 2008

This OVA starts where the first left off, with the other Syaoran visiting Yuuko. Our Syaoran, Fay, Mokona, Kamui and his team return home with food. Kamui finds something within the water underground and the battle ensues. This OVA reveals more about the two Syaorans and ends with Subaru’s introduction, as well as Kurogane meeting the new Syaoran.

3 ——– “The Dream That The Princess Had” —> March 17, 2008

I haven’t read the plot of this episode yet but there’s already a trailer preview on this. I can’t wait for this episode to be launched already ^_^
Just check out this link –> Tokyo Revelations OVA 3 Preview