I sat all alone in the balcony,
waiting for someone to come along
I reminisced the memories of days past
and remembered the hugs and kisses
As much as I tried, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling
I wished that you’re near me, to comfort me
and to wipe away the tears.
Insane as it may seem , I kept on hoping you would call
I waited until I have counted all the stars in the sky
Still, I kept hearing the sound of the phone that never rings
I could never understand
Why you don’t feel the same way
No matter how hard I tried, perhaps you will never change.
Insensitive and numb
that’s what you are.



Give me some time to feel you really care

I’m too weak to hear the truth

I just want to believe your reasons

Even when faith is lost and

Doubts harden my heart

I might be crazy worrying that you’ll find

Someone else to love

But until my last breath,

You’re the only one that I’ll ever love

Still, I’m begging you,please come home

And give me your reason

Show me how sweet your love within

Bring me to the high heavens

With your love

For even tears won’t drift us apart.


I remember that one night, as we walked side by side

gazing at the panoramic view, lit by the stars above us

While we were walking, you took my hand in yours

silence came between us, and you sweetly whispered in my ear,

the words you said just took my breath away

How I’ve longed to hear those words from you

as those are the same words I whispered every night

as I hold my pillow tight

For awhile, I thought I was dreaming and I dread

waking up to find myself in an ampty bed

Yet you showed me this is true

I felt the intensity of your love

as you look at me straight in the eye

And then I realized 

Some fairy tales do come true

This time, our story will end

with happily ever after.