Percy Jackson Chronicles: SPQR shirt

And because I love Percy (no worries Annabeth, I'm just a big fan :D), I went all the way to San Francisco, California (this is the location of the other camp) to become one of the legionnaires of Camp Jupiter. 😀 FYI, The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan introduced the Camp Jupiter which houses the Roman demigods.  The two camps, Camp Half-blood and Camp Jupiter,… Continue reading Percy Jackson Chronicles: SPQR shirt


DIY: Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-blood Necklace

I've been addicted to Percy Jackson Book Series lately (Currently reading the Heroes of Olympus and I hope I'd be able to do a different post for the books). This was one of the results of my addiction, -Percy Jackson's Camp Half-Blood necklace. FYI, the necklace is given to each camper at the end of each… Continue reading DIY: Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-blood Necklace