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Flower Boy Next Door Quotes

    Go Dok Mi Just like skin is needed to protect the flesh and blood... a lie was needed to protect the truth.. Rather than show your own scars to stay honest, lying with a bright smile pasted on her face felt safer to her.. Sometimes, I think I'll be reminded of you.. Love is a… Continue reading Flower Boy Next Door Quotes

asian fever

Heartstrings the 2nd Time Around

I already finished watching Heartstrings three (3) months ago yet I found myself wanting to watch this korean drama again. Argh! I just can't get enough of Heartstrings. Lee Shin and Gyu/Kyu Won never fail to make my heart race. 😀 (Episode 12 - screenshot of Lee Shin and Gyu Won during their overnight practice in school)… Continue reading Heartstrings the 2nd Time Around

asian fever


I was never a big fan of Korean dramas (I love Jdramas even more). But when I was watching this series (during the long weekend), I told myself, "I guess I'm a fan after all ^^."  Heartstrings a.k.a. You've Fallen For Me is a 2011 Korean drama series which starred CN Blue Band Leader, Jung Yong Hwa… Continue reading Heartstrings