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Unleashed Emotions

-o00o- It feels like I'm starting to move on. I'm happy, not because the love inside me is fading away but for the fact that I could paint a smile once again. I could once again wake up each morning not thinking of that same person all over again. Honestly, I would really want to… Continue reading Unleashed Emotions


Quotable Quotes

No matter what anyone could say. This is the only place for me and no one could ever take that away nothing could come between us. If the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more. I would still have you. If we see the last day and they say we gotta go… Continue reading Quotable Quotes


Quotes again

Just a compilation of some quote generators in facebook Enjoy reading! ^^, -o00o- every time you think of someone, do you think they think of you too? -o00o- always smile in the morning, it makes people wonder what you did last night 😉 -o00o- It's true that we don't know what we've got until we… Continue reading Quotes again

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He’s Not Just That Into You

Quotable Quotes from the movie courtesy of imdb.. But I still prefer the book though.. Here's a link to the e-book. Enjoy reading!  --> He's Not Just That Into You --o00o-- A girl will never forget the first boy she ever likes. --o00o-- We are all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total… Continue reading He’s Not Just That Into You

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The Weakness in Me

Call it naiveté but, yes, I fell in love with you the moment you asked for a receipt. Call me easy but, yes, you had me at the first text message. I had someone faithfully waiting for me but I chose to see you for a moment. We merely had shakes and breakfast but to… Continue reading The Weakness in Me

thoughts to ponder

Ikaw at ang Buwan

12:47am, full moon. Kanina lang nasalubong ko ang litrato mo sa net. Nakangiti, mayroong sinasabi ang iyong mga mata na kahit kailan ay hindi ko nakita nang makapag-usap tayo sa parking lot ng Ateneo. Dun sa bench na nakasandal sa malaking puting pader ng kung anong building. Makulimlim ang langit noon. Tanghaling tapat pero hindi… Continue reading Ikaw at ang Buwan