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Banmal Song

I feel that I'm starting to like the YongSeo couple (CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD's Seohyun). I guess they look good after all,  especially on their videos singing the Banmal Song. This song BTW was composed by Yong Hwa to whom was inspired by Seohyun  during their pair up as a virtually wed couple… Continue reading Banmal Song

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Heartstrings the 2nd Time Around

I already finished watching Heartstrings three (3) months ago yet I found myself wanting to watch this korean drama again. Argh! I just can't get enough of Heartstrings. Lee Shin and Gyu/Kyu Won never fail to make my heart race. 😀 (Episode 12 - screenshot of Lee Shin and Gyu Won during their overnight practice in school)… Continue reading Heartstrings the 2nd Time Around

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I was never a big fan of Korean dramas (I love Jdramas even more). But when I was watching this series (during the long weekend), I told myself, "I guess I'm a fan after all ^^."  Heartstrings a.k.a. You've Fallen For Me is a 2011 Korean drama series which starred CN Blue Band Leader, Jung Yong Hwa… Continue reading Heartstrings