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Valentine’s Day 2012

Celebrated the last minute of Valentine's Day making this 9gagish photo... But wait.. Seriously, I did gave chocolates to my students, friends, and friends of friends at school. It has been my tradition to give chocolates on a Valentine's Day (following Japan's practice about chocolate-giving). Aargh.. watching too much anime really had hit me hard… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2012

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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I've been telling myself to focus on my paper works as 2011 is on its final week (classes are going to resume again next week, bye bye vacation >_< ) Then again, I got lost in space when I started watching this series. (mianhe.. :D) Kkotminam Ramyeongage or better known as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop… Continue reading Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

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My Holika Holika Prizes

Last September 19, 2011, Holika Holika Philippines FB page held a contest which was the "I Love Holika Holika" contest. Basically, this contest has the following guidelines: How to join this event :Step 1) Click the 'I'm attending button' Step 2) Comment your Holika Holika story* * For example, what you want from Holika Holika,… Continue reading My Holika Holika Prizes

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Tora Dora Special OVA – Bento No Gokui

It's 11 hours before Christmas.. And so while waiting, I happen to see this update from Anilinkz. It's Tora Dora Special! Yay! 😀 I was hoping for a continuation though.. But it was still a nice episode from one of my favorite anime couples, Taiga and Ryuuji. The episode revolved in a bento-making contest, or… Continue reading Tora Dora Special OVA – Bento No Gokui


Aiza Seguerra – Perhaps Love Album

Perhaps Love Album It's another spectacular album from OPM's one and only, Aiza Seguerra. Her album, entitled "Perhaps Love" is composed of different love songs beautifully sung by her. Her first single, "Ellie My Love" was originally sung by “Southern All-Stars” who made this song a big hit in Japan. Meanwhile, her first single is the no.2 hit… Continue reading Aiza Seguerra – Perhaps Love Album

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Life – Yui

LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: I really love Yui's songs. This is from one of the ending theme of Bleach. (I love Bleach too ^^,) Doro darake yo najime nai tokai de Onaji you ni warae nai utsumuite aruita no Isogi ashi de surechigau hito-tachi "Yume wa kanai mashita ka?" ATASHI mada MOGAite iru Kodomo… Continue reading Life – Yui