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It’s September!

Time flies by so fast.. It's BER-month time! And before you know it, it's already Christmas.. Actually, it's the start of Christmas especially for us, Filipinos. As early as September, people start on decorating their houses with Christmas accents. Even in the department stores, Christmas decorations are already up for display, waiting to be purchased.… Continue reading It’s September!

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Chocolates for Christmas!

Pocky and Chocolates! Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. Big thanks to my sponsors! πŸ˜€ I haven't eaten any of these yet though.. Wanna have some..? πŸ˜€ Related articles Today is: Pocky Day? Peppero Day? I am not so sure ... !?! [Dhananjay Parkhe 'Jay'] (ecademy.com) The Best Daddy Ever! (bonesinmyheart.wordpress.com) Harpoon Chocolate Stout (the365cook.wordpress.com)

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Tora Dora Special OVA – Bento No Gokui

It's 11 hours before Christmas.. And so while waiting, I happen to see this update from Anilinkz. It's Tora Dora Special! Yay! πŸ˜€ I was hoping for a continuation though.. But it was still a nice episode from one of my favorite anime couples, Taiga and Ryuuji. The episode revolved in a bento-making contest, or… Continue reading Tora Dora Special OVA – Bento No Gokui

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It’s Time for a Yellow Christmas!

December 1, 2011 - We started the first day of December with a Yellow Christmas at Yellow Cab Pizza Co., Abreeza Mall, Davao City. We ordered the Central Park Treats for Php 1,395 (only Php 279 per person). It's a group meal which includes the ff: 6 pcs. Sprite in can 2 1/2 pints of… Continue reading It’s Time for a Yellow Christmas!

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Maragusan Escapade

Last December 2010, me and a couple of friends went to the so-called Summer Capital of Davao Region (Little Baguio as they say) -- Maragusan. This was my first time going further north for a year-end adventure. We stopped over first at Aiza's house at Nabunturan for lunch. And then, off to Haven's PeakΒ Highland Resort,… Continue reading Maragusan Escapade

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I've been watching asian dramas and anime for the past months. Dakara, I'll be posting some of those here.. ^^, To start with, here's one: This movie got stuck in my hard drive for a long time and so today I had the chance to finally watch it.. ^^, "Koizora" - Sky of Love as… Continue reading Koizora