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Mindanao Cosplay Summit @ SM

October 29 and 30, 2010 marked the event for the Mindanao Cosplay Summit held at the SM Davao Entertainment Center. This was my first time joining a cosplay along with my friend. I portrayed Agnese Sanctis of To Aru Majutsu No Index. She appeared on the season II of the anime as the former leader… Continue reading Mindanao Cosplay Summit @ SM

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Anime Updates

Yipee! I had the time to watch anime again. I've been busy with a lot of stuffs lately and it's been a while since my last post.. These are my anime updates.. ^^ Bleach Finally caught up with the latest anime episodes manga chapters of Bleach. I thought Aizen and Captain Commander died already (see the… Continue reading Anime Updates


Rolling Star

by: Yui One of the opening theme of Bleach. This is one of my favorite Yui songs even before I heard it from the anime series. ^^, --oo00oo-- mou gaman bakka shiterannai yo iitai koto wa iwanakucha kaerimichi yuugure no basutei ochikonda senaka ni Bye Bye Bye kimi no Fighting Pose misenakya Oh! Oh! yume… Continue reading Rolling Star

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Life – Yui

LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: LSS: I really love Yui's songs. This is from one of the ending theme of Bleach. (I love Bleach too ^^,) Doro darake yo najime nai tokai de Onaji you ni warae nai utsumuite aruita no Isogi ashi de surechigau hito-tachi "Yume wa kanai mashita ka?" ATASHI mada MOGAite iru Kodomo… Continue reading Life – Yui

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Anime Overload!

I was never fond of anime before. Then one night, an anime started airing when I happen to put on the television. Since then, I became an anime fanatic.  There are a lot of anime streaming sites available on the internet. All you have to do is search for the anime that you wanted and… Continue reading Anime Overload!