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5 Things That End Friendships, And Why That Just Might Be Okay

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Not all people would be able to understand that Friendship also works this way.. Change is constant, we don’t get to stay with each other forever. Just as what the fifth statement says, sometimes priorities shift and things replace what used to be your time together. But it doesn’t mean that you care less for that person (just because you don’t get to spend a lot of time anymore). Sometimes, we just have to accept that things are changing. And the best thing to do is to move on and keep moving forward..

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We don’t know how to phase people in and out of our lives without getting attached. We just don’t. Granted, sometimes we have life-long friends who grow and change as we do, but that’s often not the case. Circumstances change. We change. And we’re not supposed to spend forever with people who don’t help us to enjoy life or teach us things about the world or ourselves or who generally don’t serve a purpose other than to frustrate us. Sometimes it’s just better to acknowledge that a friendship has run it’s course and that not every friendship, much like relationships in general, is meant to be a life-long thing. Accepting that is much better than trying to hold onto the pieces that are left. It’s the strain of trying to do so with people who don’t fit us anymore that really does us in. So very often, the circumstances will do…

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Unleashed Emotions

-o00o- It feels like I'm starting to move on. I'm happy, not because the love inside me is fading away but for the fact that I could paint a smile once again. I could once again wake up each morning not thinking of that same person all over again. Honestly, I would really want to… Continue reading Unleashed Emotions

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A Dollar and Some Ambition

I was reading an e-book on motivational quotes and there was this short article included at the last part of the book. It was all about choices in life, what to do, and the like. Well, I just want to share it to everybody who wanted some motivation in life. But you know, according to… Continue reading A Dollar and Some Ambition

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The Weakness in Me

Call it naiveté but, yes, I fell in love with you the moment you asked for a receipt. Call me easy but, yes, you had me at the first text message. I had someone faithfully waiting for me but I chose to see you for a moment. We merely had shakes and breakfast but to… Continue reading The Weakness in Me

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Ikaw at ang Buwan

12:47am, full moon. Kanina lang nasalubong ko ang litrato mo sa net. Nakangiti, mayroong sinasabi ang iyong mga mata na kahit kailan ay hindi ko nakita nang makapag-usap tayo sa parking lot ng Ateneo. Dun sa bench na nakasandal sa malaking puting pader ng kung anong building. Makulimlim ang langit noon. Tanghaling tapat pero hindi… Continue reading Ikaw at ang Buwan

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Intindihan at Antayan

Parang naiintindihan ko na. O ito lang ang gusto kong isipin. Ayaw mo kong masaktan. Ayaw mong makita akong malungkot. Pero ayaw mo rin sa ‘kin. O sige, correction... hindi mo kayang maging kung anong gusto kong maging ka sa buhay ko. Quote na lang kaya kita? Sorry, hindi ko kayang maging ganoon sa’ yo.… Continue reading Intindihan at Antayan