It’s September!

Time flies by so fast.. It’s BER-month time! And before you know it, it’s already Christmas.. Actually, it’s the start of Christmas especially for us, Filipinos. As early as September, people start on decorating their houses with Christmas accents. Even in the department stores, Christmas decorations are already up for display, waiting to be purchased. Radio stations start playing Christmas songs too. And mind you, … Continue reading It’s September!

Computer Organization Materials

These presentation slides are based from the book “The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture” by Linda Null and Julia Lobur. Chapter I – Introduction Chapter II – Data Representation Chapter II version 2 – Number Systems Chapter III – Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic Chapter IV – MARIE MARIE Simulator Marie Guide Chapter V – A Closer Look at ISAs Ebook Assignments: Assignment #1 – Number Conversion Assignment #2 … Continue reading Computer Organization Materials