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Household Chores Then and Now

When I was young, my mother often asked me (sometimes to the point of scolding) to do household chores which I always do while complaining in silence or make “dabog-dabog” because I detest being bossed around 😂

I hate:

  • Sweeping the floor
  • Cleaning the dining table & washing the dishes
  • Dusting cobwebs
  • Folding & washing clothes
  • Making bed

I guess I hated most of the household chores before. Haha! She complained every time she see the house in chaos and we (who’s left in the house) do nothing but play, watch tv, use stuff and not clean or return it back, leave the floors dusty and the list goes on blah blah blah. Even when I did some cleaning, she finds other stuff to complain to. It was so exhausting to hear this everyday. Sometimes, it made me feel like I did nothing but let the house be messy (partly true but really I do clean the house).

When I moved in to a different city, I lived alone. I was in charged of everything inside my pad (kung maka pad akala mo bongga 😂). It was then that I started to be organized and be tidy with my space and stuff. But there were also times when I feel lazy and messy.

I had lived in three different spaces which were all bare and unfurnished. I repainted the walls and installed mats just to make it pleasing to my eyes 😂. Obviously, blue is not my favorite color.

This was my first space. No bed. Just a mattress on the floor. I’m a Japanese by heart. 😂

My second space. The walls were gray when I started living here.

My third space and my favorite. Stars on the ceiling, my rilakummas on the side. What more can I ask for? I always feel happy seeing this space every time I come home.

Living alone made me realized how peaceful and relaxing it was to live in a clean and tidy home. After all, the last thing you need to do is to clean up a mess right after office work. No wonder my mom’s always complaining to us everytime she comes home from work. Sorry, mom!

As they say, experience is the best teacher. When I became a wife and a mother, I finally realized my mother’s rants on household chores.

The living room setup with Amy’s reading/art corner and play area

My little family of three is currently living in a 2-storey, 5br 3t&b house without a helper. Can you imagine the amount of time I needed just for the house cleaning alone? Then, there’s meal preps, baby sitting and an online job late at night until the wee hours of the morning. I often rant to myself (english is our language at home, I rant in vernacular, ang hirap magrant in english besh lol) when the house gets messy. I even cry sometimes but I still clean up anyway coz no one will do it for me.

One day isn’t enough to do all of these so I usually schedule the cleaning by area. So far, it works.

Hubby sometimes do the laundry. Although he often forgets to hang the clothes after (Pero okay na rin, kesa wala hehe) He takes care of Amy (our 17-month old daughter) when I needed to focus on cleaning. Yes, I need to focus, no disturbance so I can finish it right away.

Amy, on the other hand, can somehow pack away her books and toys after playing. Not consistent, but hoping to get there with practice. In fact, I started to invite her every morning to open our windows and set the table while I prepare our breakfast.

I’d like to become a mother who’s not complaining to her kids all the time because they’re too lazy to do house chores. I’d like my kids to have a sense of responsibility when it comes to house chores and not just because I ask them to do it so. Wouldn’t it be nicer that way? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Household Chores Then and Now”

  1. Yehey! Naka post na ka. Dakua ninyog balay uy! Opposite kaayo sa amoa. Hahaha.. Bitaw ay, gusto ko magtabang2 na sila, dili lang tungod gisugo. Kanang bukal sa loob dapat.

    1. Nainspire sa imong posts 😀 dako kaayo para sa amo ui, gusto ko gamay lang para dali limpyohan hehe.. mao lage, kanang marelax ka dili sa cge kag panugo kundi wa na kay mabuhat kay sila na nagvolunteer

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