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Jasmin Angeli O. Frigillano‘s insight:

I’ve been doing solo trips since 2009. “And yes, it’s lonely sometimes, but I can do whatever the hell I want” 😀 From traveling miss lazy’s blog, here’s the pros and cons of traveling solo along with some of my experiences on  traveling solo. 🙂

The Cons

I get so lonely – Group trips are fun but I prefer the solo trips. Being solo means having more time for nature and for myself. Getting lost means more adventure. Special places with someone special? Now that’s wishful thinking for me. 😀

I have no one to split my expenses with – I must say that this is one big problem when traveling solo. There’s no one but you who’s gonna pay all the amount. My trip in Guimaras last year was the proof of this. I had to pay for a group package just to roam around the place.

Safety – Yet another disadvantage when traveling solo.

Always behind the camera – Another true fact. During my Guimaras trip, the driver volunteered to take photos of me. 😀 But selfie or self-timer comes in handy most of the time. Reflection? Imma try that one next time. 😀

The Pros

I can do whatever the hell I want – Hell yeah! No one to bother, no one to worry about, no hassle.. just you! Changes in itinerary won’t be a problem either. The problem of accommodation is easily solved when traveling solo. I’m fine sleeping on a couch. When at the beach, I can just use a tent, or a hammock or even sleep on the sand (as long as I have my jacket, insect repellent and sarong) 🙂

Focus more on traveling – I can focus with my own itinerary, conquer things or places without having to worry about.

Making new friends is so much easier – Not really for me, I’m a silent person. I don’t talk too much to strangers except when I don’t have a choice >_< (when I ask directions to the locals, that is) But if you and I are already friends, you might think twice about me being a silent one. 😀

Learning more about myself and becoming a better person –  Being solo gives you the opportunity to know more about yourself. There’s a lot of appreciation and realization of things going on and on. (if you know what I mean) 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo | Traveling Miss Lazy

  1. Great post. I have taken a couple of solo trips myself. The best part for me is making new friends. I’m very chatty and it’s easy for me to talk to people when I’m solo.
    Thanks for sharing these.

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