Mortal Instruments Quotes

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book series of Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: 🙂

“A man doesn’t have to agree with his government to be a patriot. It takes a true patriot to dissent, to say he loves his country more than he cares for his own place in the social order” ~Valentine Morgenstern, City of Ashes

“Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor it can be bestowed, like a favor, to those most deserving of it.” ~Seelie Queen, City of Ashes

“If you really love something, you never try to keep it the way it is forever. You have to let it be free to change.” ~Luke Garroway, City of Ashes

“To draw something is to try to capture it forever.” ~Jocelyn Fairchild, City of Ashes

“If you can’t tell the truth to the people you care about the most, eventually you stop being able to tell the truth to yourself.” ~Luke Garroway, City of Ashes

“We don’t live or love in a vacuum. There are people around us who care about us who would be hurt, maybe destroyed. If we let ourselves feel what we might want to feel. To be that selfish.” ~Jace Lightwood, City of Ashes

“People aren’t born good or bad. Maybe they’re born with tendencies either way, but it’s the way you live your life that matters.” ~Simon Lewis, City of Glass

“You couldn’t erase everything that caused you pain with its recollection.” ~Clarissa Morgenstern

“Power is a magnet. It draws those who desire it.” ~Luke Garroway, City of Fallen Angels

“I’m always so glad I have no idea what you’re vacantly chattering about. It fills me with a sense of peace and well-being.” ~Jace Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels

“What was that? Sorry, I think I fell asleep for a moment. Do continue with whatever mesmerizing thing you were saying.”  ~Jace Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels

“I have reasons for the things I do” ~Jace Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels

“There are more important things than honesty.” ~Jace Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels

“Hearts are breakable. Even when you heal, you’re never what you were before.” ~Isabelle Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels

“Beautiful things are so easily broken by the world.” ~Jocelyn Fairchild, City of Fallen Angels

“You can’t forget the things you did in the past, or you’ll never learn from them.” ~Jordan Kyle, City of Fallen Angels

“When you are old as I am, it is because you have learned to play the game correctly, to make the right alliances at the right times. To ally yourself not just with the powerful, but with those who you believe will make you powerful.” ~Camille Belcourt, City of Fallen Angels

“”My will and my desire were turned by love, the love that moves the sun and the other stars.” ~Dante, City of Fallen Angels

Credits to HollyFS for the angelic rune 🙂


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