DIY: Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-blood Necklace

percy jackson's bead necklace
percy jackson’s bead necklace

I’ve been addicted to Percy Jackson Book Series lately (Currently reading the Heroes of Olympus and I hope I’d be able to do a different post for the books). This was one of the results of my addiction, -Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-Blood necklace.

FYI, the necklace is given to each camper at the end of each summer at Camp Half-Blood. The cabin senior counselors vote on the biggest event of the summer and paint it on a bead. Source from wikia

Though I believe that the beads are given to a camper who is able to finish a quest. The paint on the beads represents the symbol of the quest. More quests, more beads. (correct me if I wrong >_<)

The Beads’ Symbols: source from ~DaveTheEdgeEvans (according to him, only the trident and the empire state building were described in the books)

  • The Lightning Thief –  shimmering sea-green trident surrounded by pitch black. (Mine was blue)
  • Sea of Monsters –  a variation of Thalia’s pine with the golden fleece on its lowest branch. (The golden ram was much harder to paint XD)
  • Titan’s Curse –  a crescent moon with shimmering stars. (I have to read the book again to understand the connection XD)
  • Battle of the Labyrinth – a glowing blue delta surrounded by a labyrinth (Instead of blue, i painted it red.. too late to realize my mistake here XD)
  • Last Olympian – The Empire State building with shimmering swirls around it (I thought those were birds, but I was able to make it perfectly though XD)

At first, I was planning to purchase the necklace on etsy. Unfortunately, it was sold out already. Plus, the price was a bit expensive for my purse. >_< And so, I resorted to creating a Do-It-Yourself camp half-blood necklace. 😀

Of course, this won’t be a success without the help of other people’s version of the necklace. I got my inspiration to the following:

Greybird4 deviantArt – labyrynth and empire state building bead

~DaveTheEdgeEvans – Thalia’s tree, crescent moon and the beads symbol meaning

For the steps and the materials, you may go here.

Thank you so much! 😀

(stay tune for more of my Percy addiction :D)


10 thoughts on “DIY: Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-blood Necklace

  1. Since Titans curse takes place during the winter, there is no bead for that one because beads are given at the end of the summer sessions. Other than that they are great.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure about it either, but I don’t know how to paint winter.. >_< I just copied the design from other DIY Half Blood beads. I think that this design was taken from Atlas' (titan curse) which was to carry the burden of the sky. And sky have moon and stars.. Maybe this was the reason behind it.. 😀 Anyway, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. The beads are for each year/summer at camp half blood. They show an important event that happened that summer. I love it though.

    1. Thanks! And yes, each bead represents an event or an accomplishment (per book). I would want to make another bead necklace for the heroes of olympus series too. 😀

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