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Flower Boy Next Door Quotes

Flower Boy Next Door



Go Dok Mi

Just like skin is needed to protect the flesh and blood… a lie was needed to protect the truth..

Rather than show your own scars to stay honest, lying with a bright smile pasted on her face felt safer to her..

Sometimes, I think I’ll be reminded of you..

Love is a wind-up clock, when it’s new, it will give you the exact time.. when the time passes and you forget to wind the springs, the clock will break and stop..


Enrique Geum

No matter how strong the waves come crashing at you, don’t crumble easily and you have to endure it for as long as you can, okay?

When the person you love the most rejects your love, when one is betrayed by the person closest to them, their life starts..

A person that keeps to themself, I can never leave a person like that alone, I reach out to their heart..

Do you know what “sorry” means? It means it’s the end and don’t come to me anymore..

I feel your scars, I never ignore that.. since I know your heart more than anyone.. so can’t you get a little closer to me?

Once I start a game, I need to see how it ends..

Do you know when it’s the best time to sharpen pencils? When you’re narrow-minded. Think of the pencil as your wavering mind, and cut it. Then, like a miracle, you’ll calm down..

 I thought love was giving up half of yourself and filling it up with her half, but love is two incomplete halves coming together..

One person cannot change the world, but you can become the world for someone..


Oh Jin-rak

All of a sudden, I was curious. After I was curious, I became worried about her. While worrying about her, I began thinking about her. While thinking about her, I began missing her. Therefore, don’t even have curiosities about her..


Other quotes.. I forgot who said who.. 😦

I make up a thousand excuses just to run into you by chance..

If there’s no interest, there won’t be any questions..

Fate, please stop tugging so hard at my heart to pull me in..

There are also some knots which cannot be untied..

Why do people hate other people?

Love is understanding the other person..

When it gets hard for people to endure their own situations, they try to place the blame on other people because it’s much easier..

A person’s heart is never definite..

I hate saying sorry when I don’t mean it..

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