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It’s September!

Time flies by so fast.. It’s BER-month time! And before you know it, it’s already Christmas..

Actually, it’s the start of Christmas especially for us, Filipinos. As early as September, people start on decorating their houses with Christmas accents. Even in the department stores, Christmas decorations are already up for display, waiting to be purchased. Radio stations start playing Christmas songs too. And mind you, even the children, the teens and the old will start serenading you with Christmas carols (I have to start saving coins for them or else I have to sleep early so that they’ll just pass by the house.. hehehe).

Christmas Decorations at Mana Davao

Apart from celebrating the start of Christmas season, I’ll be celebrating my birthday for this month also. I’m ready to accept gifts as early as now! 😀

left-me as agnes | right- agnes birthday cake from bunny baker

When I had my first job, I started celebrating my birthday by means of travelling to different places. I made it a habit to travel far from my hometown during my birthday. So far, I had gone to these places:

2009 – Little Boracay, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur

2010 – N/A

2011 – Post birthday travel @ Cebu

2012 – soon in Iloilo 🙂

And many more to come.. I guess you can call it as a birthday challenge 😀

Aside from travelling, I’m thinking of having  “a top 10 anything list” posts. I’m still thinking of what to post though.. So, just stay tune for more updates! 😀

Photo Credits:

mycutegraphics – blue star bee

mln team – blue star

1.bp.blogspot – mana davao

bunny baker – agnes birthday cake


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