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A Creamy Sunday

After spending a couple of hours playing badminton with friends last Sunday, I get to indulge myself with sweet treats from the newly opened shops at the 6th floor, Gaisano Mall – The Peak. I was eyeing for these shops a long time ago and finally, they had their soft opening during the Kadayawan Festival here in Davao City.

Happy Lemon

Included as one of the top 10 milk tea shops in the Philippines, and as a milk-tea lover myself, I thought I shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try this shop. Happy Lemon started in 2006 in Hongkong and now has 100 outlets spread across Hongkong and China. And now, it’s open to serve Philippines as well. Happy Lemon aims to provide consumers with a lifestyle experience, interweaving quality beverage choices with popular culture. Among its choices are: Lemon Series, Rock Salt Cheese, Fresh Tea, Milk Tea, Mousse Spin, Specialty Drinks, Cocoa & Coffee. With the wide range of choices from their drinks, they truly are delighting their consumers by injecting creativity in every drink they made. And yes, after having a sip of their drink, you can be assured that only Yummiest drinks are served! 🙂

Price starts from Php 60 – Php 110 while extra toppings from Php 10 – Php 25.

Tried out: Royal Milk Tea with Pudding (new)  and Milk Tea with Crispy and Brown Sugar Jelly (must-try)

Visit their FB page here: happy lemon

Creamery Cafe

I was not supposed to try this shop but then, the service crew shouted the magic word –FREE TASTE! 😀 And so, me and my friend didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation to try the ice creams. FIC, or fruits in ice cream was formed in 1997 by the Food People with the express desire to create premium ice cream for export. FIC uses only carefully selected premium quality dairy and tropical fruit ingredients. Unlike commercial products that call themselves “ice creams” but use vegetable fats and non-dairy substitutes, they use only the best milk ingredients from New Zealand and Australia. Thus their tagline, “You get a glass of milk in every scoop.”  It really did taste so milky and so fruity after having tried out 9 flavors of their ice cream. 😀 Choose your pick from Fruity, Nutty, Chocolate, Surprising and Light flavors. Aside from ice creams, they also serve hot (teas, chocolate, coffee) and cold (shakes) drinks.

Price starts at Php 60 and above.

My favorite pick: Strawberry

Must try: Pistachio (in bubble gum flavor)

New flavors: Milk tea, Raspberry, Lemon Crumble

Visit their FB page here: fic

Credits: (for some information) 🙂


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