asian fever


Despite my busy schedule at work, I still find time to update myself with this korean drama. 😀

I’m watching this series mainly because of two reasons: First, this drama replaced Love Rain (this was the next series to be aired after Love Rain ended) and Second, Bae Suzy is one of the actors (while watching for the teaser, I saw Suzy and that started the craze 🙂 ).

This drama stars Lee Min-Jung and Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) as well as Shin Won-Ho and Bae Suzy.

And here’s the plot  (from asianwiki):

Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung), currently preparing to take for her teacher’s exam, goes to a wedding hall to deliver a bouquet. When she hands over the bouquet Da-Ran discovers the bride is a friend of hers. Da-Ran also makes the uncomfortable realization that she wasn’t invited to her friend’s wedding. She stays at the wedding and gives money to the couple as a wedding gift. Da-Ran then eats lunch at the wedding alone. She then receives a phone call that the bouquet was delivered to the wrong bride and she needs to get it back. Da-Ran attempts to catch the bouquet at the end of the wedding, but bumps into a man named Yoon-Jae (Gong Yoo). Due to the bump, Da-Ran falls down the stairs and is hospitalized. As fate has it, her doctor at the hospital is Yoon-Jae, the man she bumped into at the wedding. Their relationship develops into a romantic relationship and one month later they plan to get married.

Now, Da-Ran works as a temporary teacher at a high school, while preparing for her exam to become a teacher. When she goes to work on the bus, she listens to her own story that she wrote in to the radio station. Da-Ran gets off the bus and a young man Kyung-Joon (Shin Won-Ho) gets off at the same bus stop. Da-Ran mistakenly believes the young man likes her. It turns out that Da-Ran took his umbrella on the bus and Kyung-Joon is a student at the high school where she works. High school student Kyung-Joon lived in the United States with his mother, but after his mother died came back to South Korea.

Da-Ran’s wedding approaches and she is excited, but Yoon-Jae acts differently. Yoon-Jae seems to be avoiding Da-Ran. On the day they are to look for a new home, Yoon-Jae calls that he can’t make it and Da-Ran bursts into tears. She asks if Yoon-Jae really loves her or just feels responsible for her and then hangs up. She doesn’t know what to do. Then, her student Kyung-Joon sees her and takes her on a ride on his motorcycle. They go out to a lake, outside of Seoul. While looking at the water, Yoon-Jae calls Da-Ran and tells her that he will give her the answer to her question. Meanwhile, Kyung-Joon gets back on his motorcycle and leaves.

Yoon-Jae drives out to meet Da-Ran by the lake. Meanwhile, Kyung-Joon is leaving the area on his motorcycle. As the two approach each other, an accident occurs in front of them. They both try to avoid the car crash and both drive into the water.

As Yoon-Jae’s car sinks deeper into the water, he manages to get out of the car, but sees high school student Kyung-Joon sinking past him. Yoon-Jae grabs him and goes back up to the surface.

At the hospital, Yoon-Jae is declared dead. Da-Ran rushes to the hospital and cries in front of the hospital mortuary. Then, Yoon-Jae suddenly wakes up. When he sees himself in the mirror he is shocked. He has Yoon-Jae’s body, but his mind is that of high school student Kyung-Joon. He walks out of the mortuary and sees Da-Ran crying in the hallway. Da-Ran is so happy to see Yoon-Jae alive, but he insists that he is Kyung-Joon. Kyung-Joon then wonders where his body is and finds that his body is unconscious and in the hospital. Kyung-Joon starts to panic and walks out of the hospital.

Da-Ran finds out Kyung-Joon’s address and goes there. She finds Yoon-Jae’s body laying down in the high school student’s bed. She realizes that Kyun-Joon’s mind is indeed in the body of her fiance Yoon-Jae.

And that’s it. Soul switching happened between Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon. This drama has a lot of twists from its characters as you continue watching the episodes.

[SPOILER ALERT] It is found out in the later part of the series that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon are brothers. Kyung Joon (younger brother) was born for Yoon Jae (older brother) to be able to continue living. However, Kyung Joon doesn’t know that fact. He doesn’t know that he has a brother too, and that he’s already living in his brother’s body. 😀

And Da Ran has already fallen in love with Kyung Joon and he’s in love with Da Ran. What will happen to Yoon Jae and Ma Ri (Suzy) when souls will switch back again to their original owners? And what will Kyung Joon do when he finds out that Yoon Jae is his brother? Find out by watching the series! I’m also watching it too 😀

You may stream the series at kimchidrama.

This series also reminds me of the movie, My Sister’s Keeper (but I haven’t watched it yet) which is also a story of siblings where in the younger sister, Anna (portrayed by Abigail Breslin) was born in order for her sister Kate (portrayed by Cameron Diaz) to remain alive.


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