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Kobato…. KIMATTA!

I had a copy of this series since long time ago yet I was able to finish it just recently. If you’re familiar with Card Captor Sakura, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Chronicles, and of course Magic Knight Rayearth.. Yes, they belong to one creator. Kobato is a 2009 anime series from CLAMP. And if you’re not familiar with CLAMP, it’s an All-female group of Japanese manga artists.

Here’s the plot:

A long time ago, because of another unfortunate incident with the human world, Kobato lost her life. Kobato’s wish, was to be reborn across time at the side of the person she loved. In order to make it come true, she was sent to the test and was permitted to come down to the human world. She was granted only four seasons and came with just a temporary soul. She has a “mission” to fill her mysterious bottle with people’s hearts “konpeito” she heals so her wish to go to a certain place can be granted. However, the restriction is that she is not allowed to fall in love with any person whose heart she heals. As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie. Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and his friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission and his friends might return to their true form. – (italized words from wiki)

She failed to complete her task in the human world because she fell in love with the guy, Fujimoto, whose heart should be healed by her…

Still, she was able to go to that certain place leaving no trace of her in the human world.. As to how and why, please watch the series. :p (This episode reminded me of Sakura and Shaoran in Card Captor Sakura Movie, where Shaoran also lost his memories of Sakura because of the Hope card.)

Fujimoto realized something was missing in his life. But eventually, he remembered Kobato. They still ended up being together a few years later..

Again, as to how and why, you better watch the series.. 😀 But I am going to leave you some important conversations from its last episode where Kobato regained her memories of Fujimoto..


Kobato: I get it now.. the place I wanted to go to.. the place where the person I wanted to be with most was. I f I were able to meet that person once again, this time, I wanted to make sure I could greet him with a smile.. But.. it really is impossible for me, isn’t it?

Fujimoto: Kobato? 

Kobato: I’m home!

Fujimoto: You’ve made me wait for so many years.. You’re terribly late, you know.

I wanted to share also one quote from the series where Kohaku was telling Fujimoto about Kobato’s wish..

even if we’ve lost all memory of our previous lives, it’s because we share the same soul. With our souls as one, we will be called together again and again, as long as time continues.

Another good material of this series are the songs. I love the opening and ending songs, most especially Kobato’s song! And so, I’ll be leaving you with a video of this wonderful song.. 😀

Ashita Kuru Hi (The Day to Come Tomorrow)

For the lyrics, you may want to visit Atashi’s page. Ja ne! 🙂


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