Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

 Due to the recent marriage of Jun Ji-Hyun (Gianna Jun) a.k.a Sassy Girl,  I was able to find out this 2011 movie of hers. This movie was based on a “best selling novel” by Lisa Lee.

I’ve been wanting to read this book too.. 😦

I just hope I could find it in the bookstores..

Here’s the plot from the movie:

The descendants of two 19th century spiritual sisters struggle to maintain their enduring bond by exploring their ancestral connection in modern-day Shanghai. Connected as “laotong” (old sames) at the tender age of seven, Snow Flower and Lily grow up in isolation and develop a language all their own. In the folds of a white silk fan, they exchange furtive messages that only they can decipher. Meanwhile, in 21st century China, Flower’s and Lily’s descendants Nina and Sophia find the growing demands of their respective careers and their complicated love lives threatening to drive them apart. Only by focusing on the timeless messages hidden between the folds of that cherished fan will Nina and Sophia find the secrets to keeping their friendship alive, and avoid letting the demands of modern living shatter an ancient bond of friendship.  ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Aside from its story about friendship, I liked this movie mainly because of Gianna Jun and Hugh Jackman. Yeah,  he’s one of the characters.. The present love interest of Snow Flower/Sophia.. 🙂

and BTW, the one who portrayed Lily/Nina was Bingbing Li.

Special thanks to the following:

wikipedia – gianna jun’s bio

fandango – movie plot


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