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Valentine’s Day 2012

Celebrated the last minute of Valentine’s Day making this 9gagish photo…

But wait..

Seriously, I did gave chocolates to my students, friends, and friends of friends at school. It has been my tradition to give chocolates on a Valentine’s Day (following Japan‘s practice about chocolate-giving). Aargh.. watching too much anime really had hit me hard to follow this practice. 😀

This year’s chocolates were cheaper compared to the previous years. I had to lower down the cost to accommodate almost 200 persons. The ratio was 1-1 as compared before which is 1-3, and I only had to give it to 20-30 persons. So I guess you could now figure out how did my chocolates turned out this way. 😀

The chocolates I bought for my students, friends, and friend of friends.. 😀

  1. Goya Cubes – for my students
  2. Goya Splendor – for my full-time office mates
  3. Choco Mucho – for my part-time office mates

Here’s a look on the chocolate cubes that I gave to my students:

I felt like I was Santa Claus, walking along the corridors, giving these chocolate cubes.. :))

One of my students also gave me one of his homemade chocolate cupcake. For the love of sweets, I was very very happy! I even saved it to be eaten until 12 midnight. It’s probably the most delicious choco cupcake I’ve ever tasted. It was like a moist cake topped with mini white chocolate kisses and caramel/coffee syrup. Thanks to Angelo for this wonderful treat (sa uulitin). 😀

Another present from a student after giving him a piece of cube.. A big thanks too, Lucky!  😀

Lesson of the day 1: Save money for next year! Then spend more and buy more chocolates! hahahaha! 😀

Lesson of the day 2: It’s the thought that counts! It’s not about how big or how small you give to the people around you. What matters most is that you remembered them.. on this so-called “SPECIAL” day.. chos! 😀

PS: I do not own the images of the anime from above (I just searched it on bing). Thanks to the uploaders! ^^



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