Riley Simon Grilled Burger & Ribs

Alas! After stumbling upon this establishment just a few days ago, me & shenna finally had the taste of Riley Simon’s. Opened last January 20, 2012, this shop is located at V. Mapa Cor. Mabini St. beside Wings n’ Dips. Its main food attraction? (attraction pa talaga.. :D) are grilled burgers and ribs. A not-your-ordinary combination I guess since burgers go well with fries or spaghetti (talking about value meals. :D) Anyways, we were hungry then and so we checked out their menu and ordered their specialties– ribs and RS (riley simon) burgers. Since there were two of us eating, we ordered two burgers, one ribs with rice and a glass of iced tea.

wait.  wait.  wait..

After a very short wait.. I was very shocked when the waitress delivered our orders. Check out the size of their burgers. It’s as big as a normal plate.

Then I told the waitress and I was like: Whoa! seriously? How can I eat a burger this big? (As in ate?)

Waitress: You can take it home after (Pwede mo namang e.take home ‘pag hindi mo maubos)

Me: Oh yeah! (Nga naman) and then I muttered to shenna afterwards, asking why didn’t the waitress told us beforehand that it was a monster burger we ordered. “We need reinforcements!“, I told her.

But it was too late already.. Too late for us to realize that the burgers were 6 inches in diameter (even seen on the wall pictures around the shop). We had no choice but to spoil ourselves again with these monster meals. Even their iced tea looked so gigantic (i was just exaggerating but really, the glass was too big for a regular drink).

Price: Php 40.00

The Ribs have been soaked in their special marinade and smoke-grilled to perfection. Though it was not as monstrous as the RS burgers, it’s perfectly good for two persons (was not able to finish it all also).

Price: Php 140.00

And what about the price? You might think that it’s a bit expensive because of the sizes. But I tell you, the price is super right! Just for a Php 150.00 (RS #1), you can already have your 6-inches diameter burger made to match your taste. The grilled beef patties are topped with different ingredients – such as tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, mayo, cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms & bacon.

Here’s their menu. You may also check out their FB fanpage:

Eating at Riley Simon’s made our night very fulfilling. It was the first time we ate such a big and affordable burger. A way much affordable and a way much delightful as compared to our previous burger trips.

Lesson of the night: Ask first before ordering! (should be in mind next time, you’ll never know what the size of the food might be in your next order :D)

The next time we eat here, we’ll be bringing a couple of friends to finally finish off a monster burger (with no leftovers :D)!

With their burgers & ribs, you surely will never go hungry!

And BTW, their shop is open Mondays through Sundays, 10:00AM – 10:00PM.

Credit info: Riley Simon FB fanpage (thanks! :))


6 thoughts on “Riley Simon Grilled Burger & Ribs

  1. Hala ang lapit lang nito sa school! Woot.
    Parang masarap dito kumain. Have you tried Gino’s Burger Mam Jas?
    I wonder which Burger diner serves a bigger burger. lelz. 😀
    But the way it looks, parang mas malaki yan though.

    1. Hindi pa nga. But I’m gonna try their burger soon.. 😀 Pero sabi ng friend ko pag kumain na ako ng gino’s, baka di ko na maappreciate burger nila kasi una kong na try c Riley’s.. hehehe..
      I’ve eaten other burgers in town but so far, Riley’s has the biggest serving. And it’s cheaper also. 😀

  2. Was looking for a place to eat for my birthday but got dissapointed that I went here. 😦 Yes it is big and stuffed but the patty is not what I expected it to be. There’s starch in it. 😦 We cook burgers at home (all pure beef with Lisa’s meat australian beef), we’re a hundred percent sure may konteng harina. Too soft ang patty niya dahil its charbroiled and harina doesn’t do well when grilled. I hope they can improve.

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