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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I’ve been telling myself to focus on my paper works as 2011 is on its final week (classes are going to resume again next week, bye bye vacation >_< ) Then again, I got lost in space when I started watching this series. (mianhe.. :D)

Kkotminam Ramyeongage or better known as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is another romantic comedy series starring Jung Il Woo as Cha Chi Soo, Lee Chung Ah as Yang Eun Bi and Lee Ki Woo as Choi Kang Hyuk. Although at first, my interest in watching this series was because of Jung Il Woo :D. I’ve seen him as Lee Tae Yun from the series, My Fair Lady and as Scheduler from the series, 49 Days. His character on this series seems very different compared to his previous roles (which caught my interest in watching the series aside from his good looks :D). He is an arrogant son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea (completely opposite from his role as Atty. Lee in My fair Lady). As for his partner Lee Chung Ah, she is a University student preparing for her civil service exam with the dream of being a high school teacher (it’s the first time I’ve seen her and so I don’t have much background on her). And finally, the series won’t be complete without a third party (hehehehe). Completing the love triangle is Korean actor Lee Ki Woo which is a very good chef in Japan who went back to Korea to become Eun bi’s guardian (I’ve seen him in some movies such as Sad Movie, He Was Cool, Windstruck and The Classic).

This romantic comedy deals with “pretty boys” (thus the title of the series), who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life.

But I won’t be spoiling you about the series.. :p

..You better watch it yourself! 😀 😀

Here are some screenshots from the series that you could look forward to..

This scene.. I forgot the episode, mianhe again.. But it was when Kang Hyuk and Eun Bi had a date to watch a movie. When Chi Soo heard about it, he went rushing on to the movie house and grabbed Eun Bi’s hand while wearing a helmet. Eun bi kept on blabbering when suddenly Chi Soo kissed him.. Now that’s a cool way to hush a very annoying girl. 😀

I know that this is a not something to look forward to screenshot, I was just surprised when Eun bi opened this ring box (it’s obviously a ring box). This was given by her ex-boyfriend, wanting to make up with her. As you can see, an mp3 player was put inside the box instead of a ring (the ring’s in the photo album which was also given to her). Inside that mp3 player is their theme song.. from their 6-year relationship. Very sweet of him, as much as I would want to get them back together, at the end of the series, it would still be Eun bi and Chi Soo. :p

And how would you feel if that would be the face of your boyfriend while thinking of you, waiting for you to comeback..? Me..? I think I’m gonna melt away.. >_< Chi Soo’s really really cute in here that’s why I had it included.. :p

You can watch this series at Kimchi Dramas or you can download it through mediafiremovies.

Enjoy! 😀

Special thanks to wiki for the plot. 🙂

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