Heartstrings the 2nd Time Around

I already finished watching Heartstrings three (3) months ago yet I found myself wanting to watch this korean drama again. Argh! I just can’t get enough of Heartstrings. Lee Shin and Gyu/Kyu Won never fail to make my heart race. 😀

(Episode 12 – screenshot of Lee Shin and Gyu Won during their overnight practice in school)

Here’s another song from Lee Shin. He sang this song when he comforted Gyu Won (when Director Lim told her that she will not be included in the musicals anymore) and when she was not able to sleep yet (Shin sang it through the phone). I wish someone will sing it to me also.. 😀

I tried extracting the song in the series using Solveigmm AVI trimmer. And since its in AVI format, I still have to convert it to mp3 using grab-tube (an online converter). Finally, I uploaded the song to sound cloud.

Jung Yong Hwa – 웃어봐 (Useobwa/Give Me A Smile) (Comfort Song)

웃어봐 슬퍼하지만 말고

Us-eo-bwa seul-peo-ha-ji-man mal-go

괜찮아 눈물 흘리지 말고

Gwaen-chanh-a nun-mul heul-li-ji mal-go

지금 부르는  노래가

Ji-geum bu-reu-neun nae no-rae-ga

작은 위로가 되길 바래

Jak-eun wi-ro-ga doe-gul ba-rae

웃어봐 아파하지만 말고

us-eo-bwa a-pa-ha-ji-man mal-go

괜찮아 세상이  힘들게 해도

Gwaen-chanh-a se-sang-i neol him-deul-ge hae-do

 시간이  지나가면

I shi-gan-i da ji-na-ga-myeon

모두   이해할거야

Mo-du da neol i-hae-hal-geo-ya

웃어봐  곁에 있잖아

Us-eo-bwa ne gyeot-e itt-janh-a

사랑해  맘이 들리니

Sa-rang-hae nae mam-i deul-li-ni

누가 뭐래도  믿고 있는

Nu-ga mweo-rae-do neol mid-go itt-neun

내가 함께 있잖아

Nae-ga ham-gge itt-janh-a

웃어봐  눈을 바라봐

U-seo-bwa nae nun-eul ba-ra-bwa

사랑해  사랑한(?) 맘은

Sa-rang-hae neol sa-rang-han-(?) mam-eun

변하지 않아  어깨 기대

Byeon-ha-ji anh-a nae eo-ggae gi-dae

잠시만 쉬면 

Jam-shi-man swi-myeon dwae



 믿고 있는 내가 있잖아….

Neol mid-go itt-neun nae-ga itt-janh-a


Please smile, don’t be sad.

It’s going to be alright, don’t cry anymore.

The song that I’m singing now

I hope that it can bring you comfort.

Give me a smile, don’t feel the hurt.

Even though it’s hard now,

Everything will be alright.

Time will pass

Everything will look up again.

Smile. Look. Ain’t I by your side?

I love you. Can you hear my heart?

No matter what others say

Aren’t we together?

Smile. Look right into my eyes

I love you. This heart that loves you,

won’t ever change. Just lean on my shoulder.

Take a rest…

Give me a smile..

I’m here for you. I, whom believes in you

Will be by your side forever.

Special thanks to SBS and MBC for the series, and to princessoftea for the lyrics. 🙂


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