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Tora Dora Special OVA – Bento No Gokui

It’s 11 hours before Christmas..

And so while waiting, I happen to see this update from Anilinkz.

It’s Tora Dora Special! Yay! 😀

I was hoping for a continuation though.. But it was still a nice episode from one of my favorite anime couples, Taiga and Ryuuji. The episode revolved in a bento-making contest, or so thought Ryuuji. There was no contest at all, he was just so obsessed of making a super good bento-box that would surpass Kitamura’s bento which was made by his grandmother. In the end, he realized that his obsession was no good (if he only realized that his cooking was superb already.. arghh! i want Ryuuji!!!!). Taiga made him realized that he was just overdoing things. 🙂

Later on, he said.. “I got the essential point of bento-boxes.. It’s for someone. Making lunch while keeping someone in mind..

So sweet 😀 .. I wish I could have someone to make a bento too.. 😀

Okay, so here’s a screenshot of the last part in this episode:

..And in my efforts to make this part with just the two of them, I tried my hardest to eliminate those hands which were pushing them towards each other. But don’t get it wrong, I’m still thankful for them (kawashima and kitamura) for pushing them towards each other. Without them, there won’t be any part like this. 😀

So this was the result. Yeah, I know it’s not perfect. I’m not really good in editing. 😀

Watch this episode on ANilinkz. (I’ve watched it there too ^^)


3 thoughts on “Tora Dora Special OVA – Bento No Gokui”

    1. it’s just an ova. i guess this is much like of a filler episode in the series and not a continuation from its last episode since they were still classmates in the ova. in the last episode of this anime, they were not classmates anymore as taiga went to a different school.

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