Wings & Dips

After a quick fix-up-some-things at school, me and rhea went to the mall to fill our empty stomachs. It was a Tuesday afternoon then but a lot of people were inside the mall  buying stuffs (akala ko ba crisis ngayon..?). Anyways, we went looking for a not-so-crowded place to eat and luckily we found one – Wings & Dips Avenue. 🙂 

Wings & Dips Avenue is a newly opened food establishment located at The Peak, Gaisano Mall, Bajada Davao City. The place is clean with black and white interiors, a few decorations and some wall paints (see the upper photo). Aside from the plain white chairs, there’s also orange-cushioned sofas for the customers.

As for the food, of course its main course is the chicken or wings as they say. They also serve varieties of pasta, burgers, seafoods, and mexican delights such as tacos. Their drinks vary from hot and iced teas, soft drinks, fresh and bottled juices, light beers and coffee. For a complete list of their menu, check out their facebook page.

Aside from the individual choices in the menu, they also serve combos. Each combo comes with a 4-pc. wings, a choice of pasta and a side dish. One good thing of this food chain is that you can choose your own sauce for the chicken wings and dip for the side dish. If you want it plain, they have the original wings or the classic western. If you want it spicy, they have the classic wings in hot and inferno, spicy que and Asian-inspired sauces from Thailand, Korea, Shanghai and Malaysia. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also try their honey bbq and Japanese teriyaki sauces. For the dips (for potato fries side dish), they have bleu cheese, lemon mayo, honey mustard and wasabi mayo.

After checking out their menu, we selected the Combo C, which has 4-pc. wings, bolognese pasta and potato fries for the side dish. Rhea tried the spicy que wings and potato fries dipped in lemon mayo (weird taste, mayo with a zest of lemon). Mine’s the japanese teriyaki (really sweet) wings and potato fries dipped in bleu cheese.  The food served to us had made our empty stomachs full. Imma try their other wing sauce the next time I drop by here :). Their chicken wings is a must-try for chicken lovers.

Check out also their other branch located at Door 7A Mabini Commercial Complex. Mabini Street., 8000 Davao City, Philippines.


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