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A Glimpse of Cebu

The 2011 semestral break marked my trip to the Queen City of South – Cebu City. Mind you, this was my first time (again) riding the plane ALONE. Although, I was a bit hesitant to pursue my trip that time due to some financial issues + unfinished work-related stuffs + hangover from a night-out, to which I have realized after arriving home that I have forgotten to bring my itinerary and check-in details and the flight is 8:00 in the morning. Anyways, I still had the motivation to continue the trip for the following reasons:

(1) my bestfriend had already expected my arrival

(2) my accommodation had already been booked and,

(3) the fact that I got my roundtrip ticket for only Php 594.00, thanks to Cebu Pacific Airlines. ^^

Despite the things that I had to consider for my travel, still, I ended up in Cebu. Yeah, I know, I really am a travel buddy.  Moving on, my bestfriend was not able to fetch me at the airport as she still had her work. And so, she provided me directions on how to get to Ayala Center – our meeting place (after five months of not seeing each other).

First and foremost was to select the appropriate ride. I had planned to ride a jeepney but I guess that was an impossible thing to do as it requires a few kilometers of walking under the excessive heat of sun just to reach the jeepney station. Thus, I resorted to ride a taxi. My BFF strongly suggested the white taxi though.

Distinction of TAXI at the airport:

WHITE taxi – metered (pay the amount indicated in the meter)

YELLOW taxi – pakyaw (pay the amount indicated by the driver – more expensive)

It was lunch time already when I arrived in Ayala.

we saw each other – ang pagkikita (near Starbucks entrance)..

we ate lunch (@ Red Kimono – The Terraces)..

we strolled in the mall (for a few hours)..

and bought some stuffs..

One aim on my trip was to look for the Tickles Shop. It’s a specialty store for gifts ranging from not-your-ordinary notepads, stuff toys, personalized slippers, signboards (just like the pic on top) and etc.

Around 5:30 PM, we checked-in to Hotel Stella, slept a little bit and we’re off the streets again by 8:00PM. We went back to the hotel  by 11:00PM (sleep mode).

Morning arrived, and this was our busiest schedule. We strolled at Robinsons Plaza near our hotel, and to J (something) Mall – where we had her iphone checked for repair and a nail makeover at Bandi’s. After which, we headed to Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño and also visited the ever famous Magellan’s Cross. The two famous landmarks of Cebu were located near Colon St., – a place similar to the Uyanguren St., we had here in Davao. A lot of  stalls with cheap items were available to the place. I did not forgot to check on the Gaisano Mall there too. ^^

When it was almost evening, we headed to SM City. We had our dinner and then strolled for a while too. We went home around 7:00PM to have a rest. My best friend was not able to accompany me that night as she had to work again. And so, I planned to roam around the city more to make my last night worth the stay. I  just accompanied my best friend to her office and rode back a jeepney to go to IT Park. The jeepney stopped near my hotel as so I decided to cancel my plans for the evening and just stay in the hotel. Unfortunately, I got lost just finding my way to the hotel. I almost cried when I saw the building of the hotel.

Moral of the story: Never wander at night alone especially when you are not familiar with the place!

So much for this unfortunate event. On the day I was about to go home, I headed back to Ayala Center to buy a stuff for a friend and to print my check-in details. Again, I got lost inside the mall (well, that’s really my problem when i’m not familiar with the place). After a few minutes of walking and going up and down, I got back on track. I hurriedly went to the airport.

At the airport – I was almost late due to traffic. My flight number was announced for last call and I was still on line of paying the terminal fee. I got really nervous back then thinking that I may not be able to board on plane.

Wheew! That was one hell of a trip!

Yes! I know I was not able to capture every moment I had when I was in Cebu. Actually, we had some photos but the iphone got corrupted and so all my photos from the trip got corrupted (too bad). Anyways, my stay there with my best friend was still memorable. Even though the pictures were corrupted, still the memories I had with my best friend will be forever cherished (along with my misadventures)! ^^


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