Pinoy Teens for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice

This will be my first time to vote for this prestigious event for bloggers. And, my vote goes to.. Pinoy Teens for the Bloggers’ Choice Award.

Personally, I do not know Kevin of pinoy teens (nor his team). I don’t even have a connection with him at all. But this does not hinder me in voting for his blog.

So what’s my basis?

Hmmm.. I may not know him personally, but I do know him for his passion in blogging. Around year 2008 when I knew of the existence of his Pinoyteens during the Blogger’s Conference in Grand Regal Hotel. He was the youngest blogger I have known then. I have also seen him joined the Word Camp – a WordPress-sponsored conference for bloggers . He is also very active in the FB bloggers group. At such a young age, he was able to  come out as one of the top bloggers not only in the city but to the country as well (check it out, his blog is one of the finalists for the country’s blog awards this year).

So what’s really my basis? Oh well..

He blogs for teens..

He blogs for pinoys..

And he is proudly from Davao!


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