Singapore – A Summer to Remember

Finally, my most awaited travel of the year :). After staying for a night in Manila, we’re off heading to the Lion City – Singapore. This trip lasted for five (5) days from March 30 – April 4, 2011. Once of my best trips ever (to those people who know me, i think you know what i mean). 🙂

March 30 – Day 1 | Arrival in Changi Airport

Around 9 o’clock in the morning, we went to NAIA International Airport for our trip bound to Singapore. Upon arriving there, we met Eric (one of our friends) who was also joining the group. We were a bit nervous then, we still had to prepare ourselves before heading to the immigration point – the Q&A portion before going out the Philippine Archipelago. We successfully passed the immigration officers though there was a hint of being denied for the reason that some of us doesn’t look like a professional (buti nalang may isang officer dun na nakakilala sa school namin). And so off we passed the gate out of the Philippines. It was past 4 o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the Budget Terminal of Changi Airport in Singapore.

Yay! At last! 🙂

(A quick pose in the airport with Karen, Aiza, James, Me, Eric, Dennies and his Friend)

We were divided into to two (2) groups when we arrived in Singapore. Karen’s group (karen, aiza, dennies and his friend) and my group (me, eric and james). Karen’s group rode a taxi in going to their hotel while the three of us still wandered on the streets, looking for a cheaper mode of transportation :). We found the way to the mrt station and started heading to our hotel.

The mode of transportation in Singapore was very high tech-iish. We have to purchase first the ticket card (from a vending machine) that would let us pass the terminal. Still thinking of what to do next, a cute (she’s really cute :)) girl suddenly approached us (realizing that we were foreigners) and sold her EZ-link card (a prepaid ticket card pass) to us. Me and james went to buy our ticket pass on the vending machine since the EZ-link card’s only good for one (1) person. Now, going back to our agenda, we checked on the different stations on the mrt  route map. Another lady (this time, a Filipina who lived in SG for quite some time) approached and helped us to get in to our destination. Thanks Ate for the help! 🙂



We still got lost in the end (hahaha!). Then again, we have arrived safely in to our hotel at Little India. Time check of our arrival was past 8 o’clock in the evening. After our checked-in, we went outside to fill our empty stomachs.

Food of the Night: Chicken Biryani – a popular Indian dish with lots of spices and longer rice granules.

Me and Eric didn’t have a hard time adapting on the food (any food will do if you’re damn hungry :p). James had a hard time though. I forgot his preference. He hates curry! And the dinner we ate had lots of curry in it.. Sorry James, better luck next time. :p

One thing also that amazed us was the 24-hr Mustafa mall in Little India (walang ganito sa Pilipinas). We did not wait anymore for the daylight to start off our tour. We had a quick stroll inside the mall before heading back to our hotel.

March 31, 2011 – Day 2 | City Square, Vivo City and Sentosa

Around 9 o’clock in the morning, we started our day tour along with the other group. We met each other at Mc Donald’s near our hotels (i forgot to mention that our hotel and the other group’s hotel were just in the same area). First destination was the City Square Mall. Again, we were amazed to witness the entrance/exit doors to be automatic  and without any security guards at all (unlike in our country).  Second destination was Vivo City – the entrance mall going to Sentosa, Asia’s favourite playground. 🙂

There are two ways to reach Sentosa: (1)ride the train and (2)have a long walk at Sentosa boardwalk. The boardwalk was a bit far from Sentosa’s entrance but there are walkalators in between to aid the people in their journey. 🙂

We were welcomed by the big globe of Universal Studios (US) when we arrived in the place. However, we did not went inside US yet because it was not in our itinerary for the day. Just the plain sentosa. We strolled for a day, going here and there inside sentosa. Among the popular places that we have visited were Images of Singapore (just outside the entrance door), Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary, Candy factory, Lake of Dreams and Siloso Point (historical forts). And who would think that we could not go to Palawan? Sentosa also has its 3.2km stretch of sandy shores perfect for families and friends. Once of the beaches inside was named Palawan. (and so it felt as if we also conquered Palawan) 🙂

April 1, 2011 – Day 3 | Universal Studios

Day 3 in Singapore got us separated from Karen’s group. The three (3) of us; me, Eric and James continued our planned itinerary. Our day 3 was the Universal Studios day! Yay! 🙂

1 – Bought a Singtel sim card for 18 SGD  so that we could contact April and Marlo (college batch mates working in SG). It was quite expensive but worth the price because they have promo incentives. Whenever you reach a certain number of sent messages, Singtel will give additional text loads be it international or local sent messages. Pretty cool, huh (unlike in our country, binabawasan yung load mo, haist).

2 – Meet and greet Marilyn Monroe inside Universal Studios. She was like the real thing! We couldn’t let the opportunity be wasted and so we took a picture with her. ^^

3 – Revenge of the Mummy – We had to deposit our things to their auto-locker or else we won’t be allowed to try the coolest ride ever! But the mummy-aide still scolded us because we brought a camera inside the ride. :p Hmm.. It’s coolest ride ever because not all times you can ride a roller coaster in the dark. Yes, it’s dark inside (because i think we’re in the pyramid) and we don’t know where were we headed for. The next thing, you see burning flames, and then the cart’s being pulled forward and backward, going up and then going down. Ahh! I really can’t explain it! All I know is that it was one hell of a ride! 🙂

4 – Welcome to the Kingdom Far Far Away! Shrek’s 4D animation’s in there. Gotta try here too.. ^^

5 – 4D shades! It was fun joining Shrek’s adventure in his quest to rescue Fiona. It was as if we were also inside their set.

6 – The jaw-breaking roller coasters of US: Battlestar Galactica Human (Red) and Cylon (Blue). We just tried the red one though. We almost tried the blue coaster however, when it was our time to ride, it suddenly went under maintenance. 😦

7 – Before heading to US, the three of us planned first our itinerary for the remaining days. Around Singapore in five (5) days! ^^

8 – Canopy Flyer in the Lost World

9 – the frog (front) and the prince (back)! just joking! :))

But wait!

There’s more! We were a bit tired from our day activities, but US tour has not ended yet. Twilight came, we took some more photos and off we head to the other attractions and the most awaited fireworks display.

1 – We just had to take a photo of that FAR FAR AWAY word.. 😀

2 – We’re the Madagascar buddies! ^^

3 – James with the star

4 – Me in hollywood (feeling ko lang..)

5 – Food and other stuff were expensive inside US. We only bought candies from their store.

6 – Night look of the US globe with Eric (we just finished watching the fireworks display here)

7 – Lake of Dreams show (It’s so amazing how lights play in the water)

8 – Reunited with April. We met each other at Vivo City.

9 – I forgot! gomen! But I guess it was one of the concert halls in SG. 😀

Day 3 ended by having a dinner with April and Marlo somewhere in Raffles City (overlooking Marina Bay Sands). Ah! Before I forgot, it was already past 10 o’clock in the evening when we finished eating and chit-chatting with them. According to them, MRTs in SG is only until 10PM. Thus, we had to commute in bus or taxi to be able to go back to our hotel. We tried the bus, but it ended getting us lost again. It was almost 12MN and the bus was only until that time. In the end, we had no choice but to ride a taxi to get us home.

Taxi fares are quite expensive during night time in SG. You have to pay the amount indicated in the meter + the night difference (50% of the amount from meter). But what’s cool is that you can pay it using your credit card and surely you won’t get lost (even the driver) as their taxis are equipped with gps. Way too cool! 🙂

Sleep Mode.. Woke up later by 11 o’clock in the morning.. 😀

April 2, 2011 – Day 4 | Raffles City, Merlion, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Day 4’s main itinerary was the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. We just had a side trip in Raffles City to check on the famous merlion statue.

1 – The three of us at Marina Bay Sands

2 – The ever famous merlion statue (too bad, we were not able to see the bigger one, it’s again under maintenance.) >_<

3 – With the SAFARI KIDS.. Off for lunch^^

4 – Macarons (I brought some since Rhea wanted to try some of these)

5 – See the difference? Softdrinks served in their food establishments were way bigger than the normal servings in our country.

6 – Bus route to Singapore Zoo

7 – Okay, so I welcome you now.. to SG Zoo! ^^

8 – Picture perfect with the elephants..

9 – The specialty store in the zoo.. Lots of stuff inside.

Just like our itinerary in US, we also waited for the night time activity in the zoo which was the Animal Night Show and the Night Safari. Unfortunately, we were not able to grab some pictures during the night safari because we were advised by the staff to avoid using camera as the animals might get scared from the flashes.

1 – Orangutans..

2 – Yeah, I know.. They’re alike right..? 😀

3 – @ Ben & Jerry’s. Just bought some bottled water. :p

4 – People started to fill in the hall for the Night Show

5 – The entrance to the Night Safari. (felt like a survivor ambiance to me)

6 – Start of Night Show. As you can see, the staffs were holding a giant snake, ugh!

7 – I was not able to try those on.. I want one too! >_<

8 – So we’re done on our encounter with the animals. We went to Lucky Plaza (Little Philippines as they say) to have our dinner.

9 – That’s a teaser of our next destination for our last day in SG. :p

April 3, 2011 – Day 5 | Ion Orchard, Lucky Plaza, Scape Mall and Bugis Junction

This was our last day in the Lion City. 😦 But we did not waste the time left for us. In fact, we spent the day in malling and buying some stuff “pasalubong” for our loved ones.

1 – Packing our luggage first before hitting the road for our last stay in SG.

2Bugis Junction (The largest shopping destination in SG, more of like the “tiangge” in our country. The stuff available in the area were a lot cheaper than the malls. And so, if you happen to visit SG, better buy your stuff here to save money). 🙂

3 – Roaming around Bugis Junction (that’s eric, me, and april).

4 – Stop over for lunch. We had put our bags first to savor the food at Long John Silvers, Bugis Junction.

5 – We’re on our way back to our hotel. Nah! We’re not leaving the city yet. 🙂 Have to leave our things we brought first before heading to Ion Orchard.

6 – The double bus! We were not able able to ride that one because of a tight budget. Hopefully, we could ride that one on our next visit.. soon! 😀

7 – Reunited with Uxville at Ion Orchard, another friend of us.

8 – Just a quick pose in Prada store. We didn’t enter the store anymore. Too expensive! 😀

9 – Far East Shopping Centre (Start of our mall hopping in search for a store).

More photos from our malling..

1 – Dark Royalties (A shop dedicated to gothic dresses and accessories)

2 – Eating lunch in Asian Food Mall at Lucky Plaza.

3 – TWG (A sweets specialty store. It has a very nice interior though the area was a bit small. I bought macarons in TWG for Rhea). 🙂

4 – Louis Vuitton Store (I forgot where this place was but definitely not in Ion Orchard) 🙂

5 – The touch screen mall directory in Ion Orchard. Really cool! ^^

6 – Haru House! (After walking for hours in the city, I finally found what I’m searching for. I had to force my buddies to help me in finding this place (not to mention that James got annoyed with me that time.. hehehe.. It’s an anime store located at Scape Mall. Unlucky me, when we arrived at the place, it was locked. The staff went to the other branch 😦 )

7 – Ion Mall

8 – Wheelock Place’s ceilings (It was like a space observatory)

9 – Philippine National Bank at Lucky Plaza

April 4, 2011 – Day 6 | Departure

It was around 7 o’ clock in the evening when we finished our malling. We went back to our hotel to get our things and bade goodbye the owner. And off we head to the airport! Time check for our departure was 00:20 bound for Cebu, Philippines. Bye bye SG! We’re gonna miss you for sure. (cries)

Going on a trip with my friends in SG was not just my goal. There were many things that I wanted to see and experience as well. And yes, I have experienced the first times that I have never experienced ever since my 23 years of living.

  • ride a plane – DONE! Both local and international destinations in one trip! Thanks to Cebupacific and to my sponsors. 🙂
  • be with my friends for an out-of-town trip.. (weh..?) – DONE!
  • visit and experience extreme rides at universal studios – DONE!
  • be with the animals at Singapore Zoo – DONE!
  • mall hopping – DONE! (Mustafa Mall, City Square, Raffles, Vivo, Tampines, Scape, Ion Orchard, Far East, Wheelock Place, and many more.)
  • visit Haru House – DONE! (Although I was not able to go inside the shop because it was closed.)

It was just for five (5) days.. But the time we had was well spent. We visited most of the popular destinations in Singapore, well except for the following:

  • Chinese Gardens in Jurong East – Karen’s group went here when we went to Singapore Zoo
  • Clarke Quaye – party destination in SG
  • Singapore Flyer – wanted to try this one but it was just too expensive for us that time (tight budget, remember?) 😦
  • Marina Bay Sands – yet another expensive place to stay

Hopefully.. just hopefully.. we will be able to visit the other places next time! 🙂

Ah! One more thing.. watch out for the opening of the River Safari this 2012! It’s one of the attractions that we’re looking forward too when we get back there! 🙂


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