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Maragusan Escapade

Last December 2010, me and a couple of friends went to the so-called Summer Capital of Davao Region (Little Baguio as they say) — Maragusan. This was my first time going further north for a year-end adventure. We stopped over first at Aiza’s house at Nabunturan for lunch. And then, off to Haven’s Peak Highland Resort, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the area. It’s a resort at the top of Maragusan Hill. We have to climb up to 208 steps just to reach the resort. wew!

It was already night time when we arrived at the resort so the first thing we did was to check-in our things before heading out for dinner. ^^

After dinner, It’s swimming time! The cool foggy atmosphere and the cold touch of water were not a hindrance for us to have a dip in the pool. Despite the fact that we were the only people who wanted to swim that time. We owned the pool that night. Hahaha!

A quick glance to the opposite side of the resort. The resort was almost of the same position to that of the mountain at my back.

A picture of me and the flowers. (It seemed like I was on a different country ^^). I had to use my coat and scarf because it was really cold. >_<

An outer glance of our room. And BTW all of their rooms were inspired by Philippine native houses. Ours was an Ifugao-inspired house.

The resort’s entrance. We have to climb up a few steps to have a picture with the resort’s name.

It was said that the biggest flower in the world can be found here in Maragusan. That’s why the resort had this giant Rafflesia statue at their entrance.

We’re heading to the mountains (as seen in the picture ^^) to Marangig Falls for our next adventure! ^^ There’s also a banana plantation on the way there.For the information of everyone, Marangig Falls served as an entry point to climb Mt. Candalaga. It consists of 13 levels which is surrounded by trees and shrubs. And if you’re lucky on your journey, the giant rafflesia flower could also be found there.

We took a guide for this trip to prevent us from getting lost inside the forest. ^^ We had to pass through a river before getting to the first level of the falls.

First Level – nothing much to do here but for the information of everyone again ^^, Marangig Falls was featured in Sports Unlimited (a sports program of ABS-CBN). Dyan Castillejo, one of the hosts of the said program climbed all the way up to the 13th falls.

Second Level – The path to the second level was a bit exhausting. We have to climb a 70-degree slope using a man-made stairs (to which we were hesitant to use at first). Nevertheless, we continued our adventure. And yes, we made it to the second falls! Yay! Swimming mode! The water was twice colder than the pool at Haven’s Peak but it’s really refreshing. ^^

Second Level still.. We only reached the second level since the way to the third falls was a bit dangerous for us to climb. Hopefully, we could reach the 13th falls on our next visit. ^^

More pictures here. PART I    PART II


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