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Anime Genre

Anime is a Japanese word for animation. It is a specific style of hand-drawn or computer-generated graphics characterized by vibrant characters depicted in stark colors with often embellished or overstated features. Within the classification there are several genres and subgenres. Many works may fall into more than one anime genre.

Types by Genre:
There are several basic classifications of anime by genre.
  1. Action/adventure – usually involves martial arts, weapons and some form of battle.
  2. Drama – stresses character development and relationships.
  3. Game-based – develops from a card game or board game.
  4. Horror – involves dark themes and the supernatural.
  5. Sci-fi – based on technology and is often futuristic.
  6. Progressive – classified as a stylized art film.
Types by Demographics:
Different types of anime may be classified by demographics, or by target audience.
  1. Kodomo – marketed for preschool children.
  2. Shoujo – for young girls.
  3. Shounen – for young boys.
  4. Seinen – generally targeted at college students and younger businessmen, seinen comics and anime differ from young-male targeted shounen in their more realistic characterization and more complex and grounded stories. They frequently feature graphic violent content and direct sexuality. Settings range from more developed science fiction and fantasy worlds to the real world.
  5. Josei – generally targeted at college students and older women, josei comics and anime usually feature real-world or otherwise realistic settings, with stories focused on character drama and adult romance and relationships. Josei stories tend to me more reserved than their younger-audience-focused shoujo relatives, with more emphasis on realistic emotional drama than exaggerated romance and tragedy.
Types by Theme:
Anime may also be classified by theme.
  1. Bishoujo – involves very attractive and beautiful girls.
  2. Bishounen – involves pretty guys with girlish beauty.
  3. Sentai – has fighting teams.
  4. Mecha – exhibits robots and machines.
  5. Post-Apocalyptic – portrays what happens in a post-apocalyptic world.
  6. Mahou Shoujo – about magical girl stories.
  7. Mahou Shounen – about magical boy stories.
  8. Moe – utilizes cute, perky characters that may be weak or naïve.
  9. Expertise – based on a skill such as a sport, art or even cooking ability.
  10. Sex – a big part of anime targeted toward males and females between 18 and 30 years of age.
  11. Lolicon – includes the sexualization of an underage female.
  12. Shotacon – includes the sexualization of an underage male.
  13. Harem – a male character involved with multiple women.
  14. Reversed Harem –  has female character involved with several men.
  15. Magical Girlfriend – has one man and with an inhuman girlfriend She may be either alien or supernatural.
  16. Hentai – has a storyline that is sexually explicit.
  17. Ecchi – includes perversion or indecent sexuality.
  18. Yuri or Shoujo Ai – includes bisexual or lesbian girls in the plot.
  19. Shounen Ai – has gay male characters with no sex scenes.
  20. Yaoi – has gay male characters with sex scenes.
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