Little Boracay Escapade

May 1, 2010 @ around 7:oo PM, we arrived at Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. I went to Little Boracay along with a couple of friends. This was my second time to the place (I went here alone 7 months ago ^^,). We were so blessed on our stay there. Special thanks to the following persons who made our escapade enjoyable and successful:

Adrian’s family (for the accommodation, transpo to the resort, food and kitchen stuff)

Aicee’s father (for our lunch and transpo back to davao)

And of course to the resort for the place. We really had a great fun there despite the brownout and the excessive heat of the sun.. ^^,

(that’s me at the center)

me and my best friend ^^,

more pics here @ Little Bora


3 thoughts on “Little Boracay Escapade

  1. Thank you for sharing. The summer of 2010 was really a challenge for us considering the black-outs. But it is from guests like you that inspire us to improve our service.

    We that you and your family could visit us again in the near future.

    Once again from the management & staff, thank you for visiting Little Boracay Beach Resort 😀

  2. gud am mam joyce, can we have ur contact numbers coz we’re planning to have our summer outing there this coming sunday…need it ASAP. thanks…

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