Sabrina: I Love Acoustic Too

Sabrina: I Love Acoustic Too

I first heard her second album at the DevCon in SM City Davao. Her rendition of the songs had captivated my ears.. 😀 Anyways, I was not able to recognized Sabrina’s voice upon listening to the songs (I was having a hard time figuring it out ^^,)  Luckily, a friend of mine was one of the staff during the devCon, so I was able to get hold of the cd. (I copied the cd, but don’t worry, i just saved it for my own.. ^^,)

Here’s the track for Sabrina’s second album:

Track 1         I’m Yours
Track 2         I Knew I Loved You
Track 3         Your Body Is A Wonderland
Track 4         Bad Day
Track 5         Poker Face
Track 6         Bleeding Love
Track 7         Apologize
Track 8         Because Of You
Track 9         Take A Bow
Track 10       Stickwitu
Track 11       Insomnia
Track 12       Ms. Bright Side
Track 13       Everything You Want
Track 14       Crashing Cars
Track 15       How To Save A Life
Track 16       Iris
Track 17       Wherever You Will Go
Track 18       Ordinary People

Credits to honeybytes


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