Princess Addicted to Acoustic 2

Princess Addicted to Acoustic 2

Finally, Princess’ second album Addicted to Acoustic 2 is now available. Her carrier single for this album is Bad Romance popularized by Lady Gaga. Hmm.. Another set of rendition songs to listen to. ^^,

Track 1         Bad Romance
Track 2         Where Are You Now
Track 3         3
Track 4         Two Is Better Than One
Track 5         Fireflies
Track 6         Fallin For You
Track 7         You Belong With Me
Track 8         Touch My Hand
Track 9         Mad
Track 10       One Time
Track 11       Tik Tok
Track 12       Already Gone
Track 13       Mama Do
Track 14       New Divide
Track 15       Trouble Is A Friend
Track 16       Who Says
Track 17       Watcha Say
Track 18       You Still Have My Heart

Credits to:

showbizgossips and honeybytes


3 thoughts on “Princess Addicted to Acoustic 2

  1. dear all,

    i really appriciate with this album, but in my country (INDONESIA) i cant reach to have have this original album. so i need help from u all. can anybody help me?
    i want to have Princess Addicted To Acoustic, Princess – Addicted To Acoustic Christmas Edition, and Princess Addicted to Acoustic 2, im only have track song from download on internet. im willing replaces the cost of purchasing. im so seriuosly…… please help me!!! i
    really want to have it….

    thanks before

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