Anime Overload!

I was never fond of anime before. Then one night, an anime started airing when I happen to put on the television. Since then, I became an anime fanatic.  There are a lot of anime streaming sites available on the internet. All you have to do is search for the anime that you wanted and voila..! there goes the lists of available links that includes the streaming sites.

Anime channels too are available on cable televisions. One of which is Animax – Asia. It’s a 24/7 anime channel. Animax Asia provides what anime fanatics are craving for! Anime, anime, anime! (I just hope I had this channel at home so I could watch it also.. >_<)

So, to continue on animax..

Animax – Asia is a very cool channel anime fanatics. But the channel aside, Animax – Asia also has its anime online. Anime lovers can also watch different anime episodes. Not only that, they also show the schedules or time slots of these anime. Anime that are currently aired are Colorcloud Palace 2, Samurai Champloo, Inu Yasha The Final Act, Idaten Jump and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (I’ll be watching these series online) and the ever famous bleach on Animax Asia. For more information on the current anime showing, they also have schedules posted on their site.

Aside from anime, the site also features videos and games! Buggle, Alien Attack, Alu’s Revenge, Eggz and Treasure Hunt are among the featured games on the site. What’s more on this site is that you can also connect with them on Friendster, Facebook and Twitter so you will be updated on the current or featured anime on their site.


13 thoughts on “Anime Overload!

  1. That’s how it starts. I’m having trouble keeping up with the shows I like and classes though. The only time I get to play catch up is Spring and Winter break!

  2. I do my own anime blog as well. I watch anime either on hulu (but its dubbed and I am not a fan) or!

  3. If you were in China, there is no problem to watch any anime for free. I am sure that there are so many sites which can offer anime episodes.

  4. I _< Another site which has some good anime on it (dubbed and subbed) is
    I watched Ouran high school host club and the wallflower on that site. I love anime :3

  5. I’ve been an anime fan since the early days of Voltron (also known as Go-Lion) and Robotech (Macross). But I never thought that others shared my like for it until the late 90s, when shows like DragonBall Z, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon ruled over Cartoon Network. But even then, it was a rather small crowd and a lot of people I knew didn’t watch anything outside of those three shows. Being a giant robot nut, it was hard to find others that liked anything other than electric rodents, magic schoolgirls, and golden-haired warriors with ridiculous amounts of power.

    But nowadays, I have been blessed with a ton of friends that like all different genres of anime. Bleach and Naruto are always good ones to talk about. I have just recently seen Gurren Lagann (and honestly think that nothing can top the final episode). I also like cute animes like Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Speaking of cute, check out Chi’s Sweet Home, lol.

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