Heavenly Forest

Yet another movie stocked in my hard drive for ages. This was given to me by a friend though I almost forgot I had this one. If not for chiaki-sempai (from Nodame Cantabile Live Action portrayed by Tamaki Hiroshi), I wouldn’t be able to watch this.. I’m a big fan of his! Plus, I also love its theme song, Renai Shashin by Ai Otsuka. Kyaboo..! ^^,

Tada Kimi Wo, Aishiteru” as its Japanese counterpart title, is another romantic movie that I’ve watched before Koizora. Here’s the plot taken from asian media wiki:

The story is about a photographer called Makoto (Tamaki Hiroshi), who travels to New York during Christmas to look for his best friend, Shizuru (Miyazaki Aoi). The two first met when Makoto attended his university entrance ceremony. Due to his inferiority complex, Makoto tends to shy away from other people but Shizuru managed to make him open up to her. Because of their friendship, Shizuru also ended up taking an interest in photography and the two often went to a forest to take pictures. Shizuru wants nothing else but to be by Makoto’s side so when he started liking another girl called Miyuki (Kuroki Meisa), Shizuru decided that she too will like Miyuki and becomes her friend. One day, Makoto asked Shizuru what present she’d like to receive for her birthday. Shizuru, who wanted to enter a photography competition, had an idea to take a picture of the two of them kissing in a forest. Makoto agreed to do this and the two kissed for the very first time. Ever since that day, however, Shizuru disappears from Makoto’s life.

Sad to say, they didn’t end up together. Shizuru died when Makoto was almost close to see her. What was left of him to witness was Shizuru’s memento of her love to Makoto. It was painful watching this part (T_T)..

Makoto not being able to confess his real feelings to Shizuru..

Shizuru not being able to know that she was loved by Makoto..

Some quotes from the movie:

If you kissed me, I might die in happiness. [Shizuru]

I started to love you more than anyone else in the world, you know. [Shizuru]

The only kiss in my lifetime, the one and only love I ever had [Shizuru’s writing]

Farwell always arrive before the realization of our feelings. [Shizuru]

Shizuru: Hey Makoto, was there at least a tiny bit of love in that kiss?

Makoto: There was, It wasn’t even close to a tiny bit. You were, my everything.

Good bye, see you again in some other place.. [Shizuru to Makoto]


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