I’ve been watching asian dramas and anime for the past months. Dakara, I’ll be posting some of those here.. ^^, To start with, here’s one:

This movie got stuck in my hard drive for a long time and so today I had the chance to finally watch it.. ^^,

Koizora” – Sky of Love as its English translation, is a  Romance-Drama Film about two young people who found love through mobile phone communication.

I’m not that keen in writing the story so here’s the plot of the movie taken from wikipedia: (gomen! >_<)

Koizora tells the story of Mika, living a simple schoolgirl’s life and the dramatic transformation that it undergoes when she meets Hiro, a student also at her school who is keen to call her his own. In the film, Hiro initiates a game of cat and mouse when Mika loses her cell phone. They converse all throughout the summer, Mika never knowing Hiro’s identity but is disappointed when school opens and she finds out who he is. In the drama, Mika does not remember that she’s met Hiro before but becomes aware of him when he kisses her, unexpectedly without her permission. Hurt by his strange ways Mika comes to lament his interest in her but Hiro, despite having such different lifestyles, is determined to win Mika’s love. In both adaptations, Hiro’s s ex-girlfriend, Saki, is jealous of Hiro’s newfound love and arranges for Mika to get beat up/raped. Hiro is angry about this incident and promises to protect Mika whatever happens. Mika later gets pregnant with Hiro’s baby and together they fight for permission to marry and raise their child. Mika’s father remains unswayed through most of her pregnancy. However,one day Saki, (Hiros ex), still jealous over Mika, ambushes Mika when she is alone and attacks her knocking her to the ground violently. After the attack while walking with Hiro, she collapses, is rushed to the hospital and discovers the baby was lost. They commemorate their baby in a special place and Hiro remains more determined than ever to have the future he desires with Mika in honor of their lost child. Shortly afterwards, Hiro discovers that his health is deteriorating and makes the painful decision to break up with Mika to keep his terminal illness from causing her pain. That Christmas she’s invited to a party, a setup that was orchestrated by her friend to cheer Mika up. There, she meets a college freshman named Yuu and slowly, over time, Mika begins to recover from Hiro’s abandonment. Hiro continues to live vicariously through his highschool friend, Nozumu, and follows her whereabouts through him. Enough times passes that Mika decides to find the courage to move on and to forget Hiro with the help of Yuu the same man she met at the Christmas party. As she vowed with Hiro so many years earlier, Mika returns to the place they chose to remember their baby and meets someone she does not expect. Nozumu cannot stand to be Hiro’s go-between any longer and tells Mika of Hiro’s condition. Angry, and forced to break Yuus heart after he pledged to love her when Hiro could not, Mika runs to Hiro’s bedside and vows that whether he liked it or not, she would make up for lost time and care for him no matter what. Having Mika back, Hiro is determined to fight his disease and begins to improve. But during a routine checkup, Hiro’s condition makes a turn for the worst and he exchanges goodbyes with Mika and his family for the last time. Mika, though forever changed by Hiro’s sudden passing, continues to live on in remembrance of his love.


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