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Maxima Aqua Fun

While other people’s busy going to the memorial  or celebrating the halloween, I had the other way around..

First: Sleepover at Karen’s place. A bonding session with one of my closest friends in college. Before we arrived at her place, we got ourselves into action. She forgot her purse inside the jeep. Luckily. we remembered the color of the jeep and so we followed it along the way. We rode another jeep. Then again, we left the jeep a few meters before we got in since Karen doesn’t have any money left and I don’t have any coins to pay for our fare. Wheew, then we rode a taxi. We caught up to the jeep (the one where Karen left her purse) and luckily we got her purse back. We got into long conversation regarding her life, my life and other people’s lives upon returning to her place. ^^,

Next thing I knew, I was here already (see pictures below.. ^^,) This was a plan come true to me. I had plans on going to this place but it was sooner than I thought. I went here (Maxima Aqua Fun @ Samal) along with my teachers and friends.

From the left: Kuya Rap, Ate Grace, Me, Sir Ex, Sir Roy, and Mam Au..



Kayaking with Sir Ex..



That’s their famous water slide that was featured in Sports Unlimited.. I’ve tried that one too.. ^^,



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