Princess Addicted To Acoustic

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Princess – Addicted To Acoustic

I’ve been searching over the internet for some good music. And ta-dah! I found this really great acoustic album. Though it does not contain originally composed songs, still I find it nice. The singer is I think a new artist, I haven’t heard of this girl before — Anyways, try listening to her songs, and I’m sure you’ll also fall in love with her voice. ^^,

Track 1         Single Ladies
Track 2         Thinking of You (My favorite song on her track ^^,)
Track 3         With You
Track 4         I’m Yours
Track 5         Bleeding Love
Track 6         Love Story
Track 7         Crush
Track 8         T-Shirt
Track 9         Love Bug
Track 10       Say It Again
Track 11       Realize
Track 12       The Time of My Life
Track 13       Right Now Na Na Na
Track 14       Ordinary People
Track 15       Thunder
Track 16       If I Were A Boy
Track 17       I Hate This Part
Track 18       Decode

princess2 3x5

BTW, this is the artist I’ve been talking about — Her name’s Princess (pretty cute too, ne? ^^,) under Viva Records. Her album contains 18 tracks from different artists like Beyonce Knowles, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, David Archuleta, Jonas Brothers, Leona Lewis, Marie Digby, Colbie Caillat, Akon, Chris Brown, Paramore, John Legend, Boys Like Girls, Shontelle and Pussycat Dolls. According to Viva Entertainment, her CD is highly recommended if you’re really into acoustic-guitar driven music.


13 thoughts on “Princess Addicted To Acoustic

  1. I heard her Right Now in a resto, and I learned to like Right Now very much. She has a good interpretation of the songs. Galing!

  2. she’s so great.
    i heard her songs today from a radio station.
    and immediately searched who this singer is.
    love her.

  3. Hi Jas…

    Now I know that Princess Velasco ex-GF of Bistek Rosario friend of Hayden Kho was the artist in Addicted to Acoustic Album. Congrats to her album…!!! And more power to her.

  4. wow. hello there 🙂 i stumbled upon your blog in search for the whole name of Princess. Coolness 🙂 I like her compared to Nina though.

  5. dear all,

    i really appriciate with this album, but in my country (INDONESIA) i cant reach to have have this original album. so i need help from u all. can anybody help me?
    i want to have Princess Addicted To Acoustic, Princess – Addicted To Acoustic Christmas Edition, and Princess Addicted to Acoustic 2, im only have track song from download on internet. im willing replaces the cost of purchasing. im so seriuosly…… please help me!!! i
    really want to have it….

    thanks before

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