Angela – Jazz Acustico

angela-jazz_acustico angela-jazz_acustico_b

Yet another acoustic album — This time, it’s a jazz inspired acoustic album by Angela (i don’t know the artist, i haven’t seen her face.. doesn’t matter, she has a nice voice anyway ^^,) Her album contains tracks from the oldies popularized by Angela Bofill, James Ingram, Rod Stewart, Kalapana and many more. So, for those people who like this kind of stuff, check out Angela’s Album. It contains 13 tracks BTW:

1.      Night Bird
2.      Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
3.      Believe It Or Not
4.      Tonight I Give In
5.      Livin’ It Up
6.     I Just Can’t Let Go (my favorite song on her album ^^,)
7.      One On One
8.      Never Letting Go
9.      Sailing
10.      Breaking Us In Two
11.      Sharing The Night Together
12.      Cross My Heart
13.      In My Life


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