My Thoughts in Surviving the Distance

Picture this, after all the searching and waiting you have finally met Mr. Right. You don’t have any doubt that he’s the one you’ve been looking for. You’re in cloud nine, floating in the heavens above until reality sets in and you find yourself falling back to Earth. He has to go somewhere, miles away from you. you love him so much and you just can’t let time and distance end the wonderful fooling you two share. you’re willing to bear whatever it takes to make your relationship work. The question now is, how would you be able to maintain your long-distance relationship?

BE THE MOST UNDERSTANDING PERSON. He may not always be able to call you or write as often as you want him to, but don’t take it against him. Perhaps he has more important things to do. Just think that although he doesn’t keep in touch that much doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore. it’s just that there are some things he has to do first.

TRUST HIM. The least thing you could ever do to h9im is doubting his loyalty and sincerity. Spare yourself the agony of thinking how many girls have he been dating lately or how many more lives/lies he will tell on why he wasn’t able to call you. Remember that when you decided to start a relationship with him, you have entrusted him your love, and your current situation is not the best time to doubt that love.

BE SENsiTIVE. always be conscious of a change in his voice when he calls. You may not be able to see him but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t know what he truly feels. Sometimes he had some needs that he may not tell you, be sensitive of these needs and do your best to answer them.

ALWAYS KEEP IN TOUCH. Communication is a vital factor that breaks or makes a long-distance relationship. Action speaks louder than words but in your case you have to rely more on the words to let him know how you feel. Keeping in touch is the most important way of assuring him of your love, of letting him know that whatever happens your heart still and will always belong to him.

BELIEVE IN LOVE. believe that a love like yours is too strong a feeling to be withered by time and distance. You are willing to hold on to your relationship come what may because your love is worth more than all the sacrifices you could ever do. With the sacrifices come the chance to love and be loved by the person you care most about. When you truly love the person, maintaining a long-distance relationship is not that hard. You shouldn’t be afraid of having one. More so, you should be thankful that in your life’s journey you found the person you love and will love you in return.. even if you’re miles apart..


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