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New Destination


I’ve been on a lot of thinking as to where am i gonna work after graduation. I have my options: My teachers offered me to work as a full time faculty to the school where I graduated, and then a friend of my aunt also offered me an office work somewhere (i still don’t know where, but i think it’s a decent work.. ^_^) and the option that my mom suggested — to work in Singapore (wheew!). But then again, I still have my second thoughts on that Singapore thing.. I know it’s a nice place but then I don’t know if I could live independently there. I mean, hey! i’ll be away from my family, relatives, friends and my love. Can I really live there by myself? That’s the thought I’ve been thinking over and over.. But my other self’s been telling me why don’t I give it a try, if I don’t like it there then I can go home anyway, ayt? And so, i’m going to take a shot there. Hopefully, if things go right i’ll be going there by May.. Yipeey! ^_^


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