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Dragon Adopters


Dragonadopters is designed to be a community and a game for dragon and fantasy lovers.

The adopting feature allows you to adopt and care for your own cutie. You get your own personal dragonpage. Later in the game it’s possible to adopt more different dragons. You can choose between 6 different dragon species: Westen-, Eastern- or even a Furdragon! Or do you feel like adopting a Wyvern, Lizardus or Dino/Raptor?

  Western Dragon – Western dragons are very active and adventurous due to their muscular body and large amounts of energy. They seem to be impatient which makes dealing with them sometimes very difficult. In return they are confident, decisive and trustworthy.
  Eastern Dragon – Eastern dragons are basicaly wise and mysterious beings. They are the most thoughtful and intelligent among all dragons and are very peaceful beings.
  Furdragon – Furdragons are cute, kind and often very playful creatures. They are nearly fully covered in either soft or dense fur. Childlike by their nature, they make an excellent pet to have. Not very intelligent, but certainly friendly.
  Wyvern – Beastial from birth, these creatures never tire to challenge others or hold up their own position. Wyverns are strong, flexible and quick. One should only seek one when he too is wild and bold by spirit.
  Lizardus – Agile by body and loyal by mind. Lizardus tend to act in hiding, but when encountered and friendly greeted, they may choose to communicate. They act on their own, take nothing too seriously nor act organized. They have little wings but aren’t able to fly.
  Dino – Never too active and yet never exactly dull either. Raptor like creatures represent the dino species. They’re creatures of nature and act accordingly to what they want and what they’re interested in. Hence, they are selfish, yet curious about others.

Every Species can be combined with different Elements. Fire Furdragon, Aqua Wyvern, Aqua Raptor… all combinations are possible. You can choose the element of your dragon. Watch your dragon grow during time. From Level 1 – 100, from Egg – Adult and Ancient Dragon. Every Stage and Species features its own little animation!

These are my adopted dragon pets.. Take a look at them! ^_^




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