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Which Is Your Favorite Fruit?

You have patience and will power; hard work doesn’t daunt you. You like to do things slowly, but thoroughly. Although shy, you are reliable and trustworthy. You love with all your heart – flings are not for you

You are extravagant, impulsive, and outspoken. You may not be the best organizer, but you’re charming and make a good team leader. You enjoy travel immensely, and have an enthusiasm for life unmatched by most. Watch that temper, though.

Awww, you’re a softie – loving, gentle, warm, and sympathetic. But your sweet temper makes you vulnerable to people taking advantage of you. You may lack self-confidence and be timid, yet you enjoy harmonious relationships.

You are quick to decide; even quicker to act. You have exceptional organizing abilities, and tend to be self-reliant, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. You don’t make friends easily, but once you do, they’re friends for life. You rarely, if ever, make romantic overtures.

Although fearless, you give much thought to the things you do. You are a go-getter in your career, and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. More then anything else, your sense of humor is what attracts members of the opposite sex to you.

You have fixed ideas – influencing you is no easy task. You tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes; at times, you like to control a situation. You enjoy getting involved in something that presents a mental challenge. Strong as you may be, you are a kitten when you are with your partner.


You often faced ups and downs professionally and financially; you are often involved in creative pursuits. Despite being sincere and loyal, you don’t express your emotions easily. Your home is your haven, and you love nothing more than being surrounded by family and your beloved partner.

You are polite yet have a temper. You are very popular because of your warm, gregarious nature. Your zest in life ensures you enjoy everything you do.


You are friendly and outspoken. You are quick to forgive and forget. You have an independent, ambitious streak in you, making you a real go-getter. Fiery and passionate (though not in public), you are sincere and faithful to your lover, and value friendship highly.


You tend to be fickle, and have trouble completing a task with the enthusiasm you started with, because you need to see immediate results. You enjoy mental stimulation and love a good discussion. You tend to be restless, highly stung, and easily excitable.

Photo Credits from flickr


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